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Topic: Hello from the Cadillac Ranch (or close to it)
Message: Posted by: nickbtx (Oct 7, 2021 06:29PM)
I'm not new here, but this is my first post; I guess that makes me a lurker. :-) My family and I had a small stage show in the 80s and 90s in West Texas and during that time I was a member of the Lubbock, Texas IBM Ring. Career forced a move and I lost touch with the gang. Since that time many of the magicians I got to know, and learned so much from, sadly have passed, e.g. Dean Ponton, Don Yelvington (Dean's business partner), Fred and Ann Story, Bill Mayes, and I'm sure others...sigh. Anyway, I'm within a couple of years of retiring and I hope to dust off a few of my favorite effects and start entertaining and annoying friends again.

I promise not to (intentionally) ask any stupid questions nor will I point them out when someone else does.

Message: Posted by: Boomer (Oct 8, 2021 10:33AM)

Thanks for introducing yourself. Now start responding to threads and helping those of us who can profit from your knowledge.

Message: Posted by: nickbtx (Oct 8, 2021 03:57PM)
Thank you, Dave. I'll jump in where ever I feel I can be helpful. I already like it here. :-)
Message: Posted by: Russo (Oct 9, 2021 07:14AM)
Yes all. helping others makes them happy, making others happy makes you happy -
Message: Posted by: MickNZ (Oct 10, 2021 10:24PM)
Message: Posted by: illusiveleon (Dec 2, 2021 05:35PM)
Hey Nick! Welcome! The Café shows me as a new user but I have been on the Café since 2007. I live in Lubbock, TX now... noticed you spent some time there. I am familiar with Amarillo since I was born and raised in Borger... you should know where that is. I am retired (2yrs now) and able to spend more time with magic. Lots of great new stuff and books out nowadays... but I have plenty of OLD stuff and books that are still great! I have been a member of SAM since the '70s but never IBM. I saw your post mentioned a Lubbock IBM ring. I need to check on that. Keep magishing!
Message: Posted by: nickbtx (Dec 2, 2021 06:47PM)
[quote]On Dec 2, 2021, illusiveleon wrote:
I saw your post mentioned a Lubbock IBM ring. I need to check on that.[/quote]
Hi Leon,
Thanks for the welcome! I don't believe the Lubbock ring is active any longer. At one time Lubbock was very active and even hosted a convention, I think it was the TAOM, but that was decades ago. Is The Joker still open? That seemed to be the place where local magicians would hang out.