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Topic: Tango Deluxe Ramsay Cylinder Set?
Message: Posted by: littlethumbtip (Nov 14, 2021 03:16AM)
Greetings Guys!

Seems like a fair price for everything included with each Tango Deluxe Ramsay Cylinder Set. The better sets, at prices above $300+ dollars, are a bit more than I'd like to pay for now...for a non pro magician as I am.

I was wondering if anyone has purchased this Tango set (in any of the coin denominations) and can lend some insight as to the quality of the items in their respective purchased sets? Lots of communication on Tango coins here on the Café, and of the company's rather inconsistencies in quality. I'm hoping that, in the least, the coins as well as the thickness of the cylinder (leather?) approximate the relative value of the under $200 paid...and better guide my decision to buy.

Thanks so much for your comments and personal thoughts!
Message: Posted by: Mad Jake (Nov 14, 2021 04:51AM)
Great for magicians who want to buy ripped off IP rights. The magnetic stack belongs to the late Todd Lassen, no one else. Tango steals a lot of magic from other creators, Steve Dusheck Jr. to just name one besides the Great Late Todd Lassen now. And what's even more typical is Murphy's Magic is distributing this counterfeit. It didn't even get listed in the Latest and Greatest forum like all of the other releases by Murphy's Magic. Both companies make a living off the backs of other creators and just take what they want.
Message: Posted by: maklakmak (Nov 14, 2021 06:38PM)
Like littlethumbtip, I'm hanging on for some comments about the Tango quality here. To be fair, their coins have always been good enough for my purposes. Its the cylinder I would like to hear about.
Message: Posted by: Dan Ford (Nov 16, 2021 06:50PM)
For the cylinder, I use a dollar bill rolled up.
Message: Posted by: thecromulent (Nov 16, 2021 06:57PM)
This is what I have. Love it:


Message: Posted by: tonsofquestions (Nov 16, 2021 08:19PM)
[quote]On Nov 16, 2021, Dan Ford wrote:
For the cylinder, I use a dollar bill rolled up. [/quote]

A dollar bill seems like it wouldn't be sturdy enough to do the dirty work and hide what's going on.

It does seem a bit pricey for the set, and I would have liked a set that came with endcaps for that much.
I suspect the quality is decent, but agree that it feels like a stolen idea.

I'm also curious how good the in-depth teaching is. I wish there were some way to buy just some pieces, for those of us that already have some of the components already. Sure, I don't have a magnetic stack, but I don't want to pay ~200 just for that.
Message: Posted by: Dan Ford (Nov 17, 2021 01:09AM)
Forgot to state, I do it with quarters instead of halves.
Message: Posted by: maklakmak (Nov 18, 2021 02:05PM)
I anticipate I might get comments about the size of my hands and my level of expertise but all things being equal, which is likely to be easier to handle - the dollar or the half dollar stack?
Message: Posted by: thecromulent (Nov 24, 2021 09:52PM)
I just got this in the mail today. I haven't watched the video yet, but I am pretty familiar with the broad strokes, from other sources. My initial impressions are:

- The the stack is great, exactly what I wanted. Though unseating the top coin without moving the rest of the stack is going to be a challenge.
- The corks are too big--they practically nest in the stack like a coin in a shell.
- The shell seems fine, though if you are really picky, it might not be up to snuff.
- The wand is sort of an afterthought. Too small to be really useful, though it feels more substantial than I feared it might be.
- The tube is absolute garbage. It doesn't hold a circular shape, and the ends of the leather strip don't meet, so you can see through the side from the right angle.

Despite all these drawbacks, I am still satisfied with my purchase. I already have other corks, a full sized wand, and a cylinder that I love (see my comment earlier), and the $190 was worth it for the stack, shell, and loose coins. Plus, I'll have another source for the routine.

Message: Posted by: Dan Ford (Nov 24, 2021 10:45PM)
Sounds way overpriced to me for what quality you get.
Message: Posted by: thecromulent (Nov 24, 2021 11:25PM)
[quote]On Nov 24, 2021, Dan Ford wrote:
Sounds way overpriced to me for what quality you get. [/quote]

I don't know...show me that style of stack--and a shell--for a better price. I paid about $125 for a regular stack, and about $60 for a Johnson shell. Even if you take the tube and wand out of the equation, it seems like a fair price to me.

Message: Posted by: Dan Ford (Nov 25, 2021 02:17AM)
I say, if you are happy, that is all that matters. Either way, it is a great coin trick.