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Topic: Which book is better to continue?
Message: Posted by: cyc (Jul 28, 2002 10:28PM)

I've read RRTCM and some excerpts of other books. I have both Expert Card Technique and Expert at the card table. What do you guys suggest? Should I choose the parts I like in Expert Card Technique or should I read the whole Expert at the card table (because it appears to be a course to me).

Message: Posted by: Dan Farmer (Jul 29, 2002 12:31AM)
I'm not exactly a cardshark myself but I prefer Expert Card Technique by far. I find the writing is more modern and the techniques described more useful to me (Although there is great stuff in Erdnase too). I'm sure you'll end up reading both of them eventually but I prefer ECT to Erdnase personally.

Message: Posted by: Jim Morton (Jul 29, 2002 10:33AM)
Both books are worth reading from cover to cover. I don't think very many people ever really do that though. I would start with ECT, and save Expert at the Card Table for later. Both books are best read very slowly and carefully. With Erdnase, that's the only way you can read it and get anything out of it. ECT also has more effects scattered throughout the book, so you won't get bored with nothing but technique practice. Erdnase waits until he teaches all the card techniques before teaching any tricks (and really, no one reads Erdnase for the tricks).

Message: Posted by: Thoughtreader (Jul 29, 2002 06:29PM)
I would go with Expert Card Technique and study it, learn it and digest it before you try to tackle Expert at the card table. It will make it a little easier for you to follow too.
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