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Topic: "Dead or alive"
Message: Posted by: magicswan (Jun 23, 2004 02:15PM)
Is the name of my new trick. It's a six card packet trick (for now). You show the six (face down) and go into some patter about how the spectator is going to play the role of death and the six cards are souls, five can live but one of them has to die.

They touch one (no force), it's placed on the table. All the cards are shown to say "alive" on the faces and the one they choose says "dead'. I still have to work on the patter, but I think it could sell. Instant reset, no funny moves, very super easy. It's an old method, but it works like a charm. I might sell it by itself or just put it into a booklet.
Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (Jun 23, 2004 05:33PM)
Sounds like an eight card Brainwave to me.
Message: Posted by: magicswan (Jun 23, 2004 09:07PM)
Nope... but good for you for chiming in buddy
Message: Posted by: Carron (Jun 25, 2004 06:17AM)
Sounds very like Diceman by Andy Nyman, if not the same technique, the same effect is achieved.

Message: Posted by: magicswan (Jun 25, 2004 05:44PM)
Um...yeah, no
Message: Posted by: Carron (Jun 26, 2004 08:34AM)
[url=http://www.magicbox.uk.com/product.php?prodId=00628&catId=919]Check here[/url] magic swan, BTW don't quite understand what your last post means, all three words of it

Message: Posted by: magicswan (Jun 26, 2004 10:19PM)
Oh well, I really think you have the power to understand. When it comes out you're going to want to buy it and if you don't, oh well, unfazed.