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Topic: Flipper Coin
Message: Posted by: alondon (Dec 22, 2021 10:19AM)
I have a Tango Flipper coin (quarter size)
I put the rubber band on and tried double stick tape to hold the hinge in- it did not work
I want to use glue. What is the best glue to use? and is it able to be removed when I need to change rubber bands?
Thank you
Message: Posted by: jim ferguson (Dec 22, 2021 10:35AM)
A lot of the cheaper tapes wont hold securely enough - you need a good double stick carpet tape.

If you want to go the glue route - I use super glue gel (the "gel" part is important), for my Double Deception coin (this is what was recommended in the instructions). It holds very well, and the parts are separated again (for replacing the band), by shaking the coin in a glass.
Any old glue left, must be removed before resembling, and the new glue applied.

Don't use regular super glue - it is too runny and will spread over the coin when the parts are pressed together.

Message: Posted by: tonsofquestions (Dec 22, 2021 12:38PM)
Super glue? I once bought a used flipper that I think had been superglued. It was terrible to get apart, and I don't think the glass would have worked. I feel like I once heard about using rubber cement, it never tried it myself, so I can't say how well it would hold up over time.
Message: Posted by: Dan Ford (Dec 22, 2021 12:41PM)
I use double stick tape instead of the glue and it works for me. Try a different tape.
Message: Posted by: tonsofquestions (Dec 22, 2021 12:42PM)
I take that back. Doing a quick search (which would also have helped your question) suggests thαt rubber cement doesn't hold well and is messy to install. Stick with tape. (Pun intended)
Message: Posted by: jim ferguson (Dec 22, 2021 01:37PM)
[quote]On Dec 22, 2021, tonsofquestions wrote:
Super glue? I once bought a used flipper that I think had been superglued. It was terrible to get apart, and I don't think the glass would have worked.[/quote]

Yes, super glue (or rather, super glue gel).

I haven't used my Double Deception set for a while, but I did use it for many years and always used super glue gel, exactly according to Bobs instructions - two or three dots. It worked very well, and I never had any problems separating the pieces when needed (using the glass method in the instructions).

Regular super glue doesn't work, and will spread all over the coin when the pieces are pressed together (after assembling). I imagine it would be quite difficult to separate the pieces if regular super glue was used.

I used carpet tape for my other flippers though.

Message: Posted by: inigmntoya (Dec 22, 2021 06:40PM)
I used to use carpet tape but went back to super glue after discovering that Goof Off does wonders dissolving it. Replace your rubber bands with elastic beading cord and you won't have to mess with replacing the band for a LONG time.

Message: Posted by: tonsofquestions (Dec 22, 2021 10:40PM)
Yeah, I tried acetone and goo off to separate the one I had that had been superglued, but there was nowhere for the liquid to go where they were connected, because it was too tight. Maybe why the recommendation is gel instead of traditional glue.
Message: Posted by: thegreatscungilli (Jan 27, 2022 04:35PM)
Carpet tape works best, if you need to replace the bands it is easier to get off. As I recall, that is what Todd Lassen used on his flippers.
Message: Posted by: Tom G (Jan 27, 2022 08:14PM)
If you use super glue, acetone, or finger nail polish remover (not oily style) will also work.
Message: Posted by: tonsofquestions (Jan 27, 2022 08:39PM)
That was not my experience recently.
Message: Posted by: inigmntoya (Jan 28, 2022 05:09PM)
[quote]On Jan 27, 2022, tonsofquestions wrote:
That was not my experience recently. [/quote]
Did you use Goof Off?
If so, how long did you let it soak?
Were you eventually able to get it apart?
Message: Posted by: tonsofquestions (Jan 29, 2022 12:48AM)
Yeah, I commented on this about a month ago (four posts back).
I didn't try Goof off, as I didn't have any.
I used multiple rounds of acetone, filling the bottom of the shell, and letting it sit ... basically until it all evaporated.
There was little visible change. In between each, I would poke (with a small x-acto blade) along the exposed edge, both to try and scrape any residue out, and to try and lever in enough to pop it out. I lost count as to how many times I tried over the course of a few weeks, probably 8 or 10.

I did eventually get it apart, but it was hard to tell if it was from the acetone, or from the prying. Maybe both.
I also tried heat (from a lighter) at one point to soften it - that might actually have been what did it in the end.