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Topic: What patter for starting your show?
Message: Posted by: KiKi (Jun 24, 2004 02:33AM)
How do you introduce yourself in a show, especially
for close up (adult people)?
Message: Posted by: prettylady1990 (Jun 24, 2004 08:25PM)
I havn't done a proper show yet but this is my advise anyway: Try to act confident, Speek oud and clearly, and for during the show just remember to have fun

Good luck!!
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Jun 25, 2004 02:43PM)
Especially for closeup, LOOK at the audience; make eye contact.
They aren't there to see the top of your head (which is the way about 85 per cent of closeup performers work!)
Message: Posted by: stephen secret (Jun 25, 2004 03:01PM)
If possible have someone else introduce you.

Unless you are just doing magic for people you know, the person running the show should speak for you before you start. Then just begin the magic.

Sincerely, secret
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Jun 30, 2004 03:52PM)
I always loved comic Richard Jeni's opening line. After an off stage introduction and a thunderous applause he would look out over the crowd say...

"What if I suck?"

Brought the house down for the first of many times during his show.

By the way...if anybody on the forum want's a Big Show Room Voice intro...just eMail me...be glad to do ya one and eMail you an MP3.

Message: Posted by: dpe666 (Jun 30, 2004 04:21PM)
I stare at them for a bit longer than is comfortable (and remember I look as I do in my avatar, and the theme to The Exorsist is playing in the background). I lean in, and do the "Pft pft pft pft" sound that Hannibal Lechter makes in The Silence Of The Lambs. :devilish:
Message: Posted by: Carron (Jul 2, 2004 04:02AM)
I expect they all bring spare underwear to your performances now, I know I would!!

Message: Posted by: dpe666 (Jul 2, 2004 12:10PM)
They should, however, that opening always gets a big laugh, which is the intention. :devilish:
Message: Posted by: Pharaoh Nuff (Jul 3, 2004 06:55AM)
Bloody Marvellous !
Message: Posted by: MarkFarrar (Jul 3, 2004 10:06AM)
I've always wondered at people who introduce themselves with the words, "for those that don't know me, my name is ....".

So, the question is ... wait for it! ..., what is their name for people that already do know them? :)
Message: Posted by: Logan Five (Jul 3, 2004 10:17AM)
"Hi..my name is Rick. And in the next few mintues I'am going to show you why you should never play cards with strangers.. for money."
Message: Posted by: rannie (Jul 5, 2004 12:07AM)
I kinda like that opening line that Chevy Chase does in SNL where he goes, Goodevening, I'm Chevy Chase, and your not! Just tweak it a bit like , I'm _______ the great ______ and your not!
Message: Posted by: Michael Bilkis (Jul 5, 2004 08:58PM)
I always have someone introduce my.

I open my stage show to linking rings done to music.
Close up I greet the audience and move right in to the invisible deck.
Message: Posted by: The Magi (Jul 6, 2004 04:03PM)
We have someone introduce us, and then we do a t-silk routine to music, and after that we take the liberty to reintroduce ourselves. I find that having someone introduce us at the beginning is more professional, but re-introducing yourself is nicely personable, and it helps the audience feel closer to you, the magician, and closer to the performance.