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Topic: Producing an Instructional Video for kids...
Message: Posted by: Andini (Jun 24, 2004 11:38AM)
Hey there! I wanted to produce a magic video for kids to sell as BOR sales. I don't know how to go about it, though. I have tricks that I know I should teach, but I don't know if I'm legally allowed to. They're all old effects (simple Cups and Balls, vanishing salt shaker, etc.). Don't you think these are all public domain by now? I've seen them in a number of beginner magic books.

Message: Posted by: alekei (Jun 25, 2004 04:51AM)

I think that all those Classic Effects you can find in any book in the library, don't need authorization for its creator, because it's probably (and highly probably that He is Dead) But a little research in the area could be good. Maybe the original effect you want to show is Very old, but an specific handling, presentation or whatever could be adapted by a magician of this times and you just didn't know. If you belong to any magic circle, talk with them, there is always a magician in the magic circles who knows a lot about history.

Regarding the production, If you have the right Lighting (flood lights from both angles and maybe a spot backlight), nice backdrop and a DV camera, you are ready to go! The hardest problem is the editing process.

If you want to know more detailed information about the Production of a video, let me know.

My regards,