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Topic: Black Tiger Decks Wholesale - Group Purchase
Message: Posted by: Richard Lucas (Jun 24, 2004 07:04PM)
I guess you deleted my 2nd posting under "Close Up - Cards". The reason for the double post, one under Lets Make A Deal, is because I received complaints from those unable to access that thread because they do not have the 50 or 60 required posts. The only way to reach both groups was to double post.

Am I wrong in thinking that 50/60 posts are required before entering Lets Make A Deal??
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jun 24, 2004 08:03PM)
No Richard, that is correct and it's also one reason why we don't allow the double posts. The 50 post rule is there to prevent access to those with less than that and double posting defeats the purpose.