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Topic: Great new mime resource
Message: Posted by: stevevoltz (Feb 7, 2022 04:41PM)
The late, great, Tony Montanaro wasn't just a great mime, he was a world class mime teacher and he put his entire mime course on video. Those have become hard to find but my pal Michael Menes, juggler/mime/video guru (and long time student of Tony's) has been working with the Montanaro estate and has very recently BOTH VOLUMES of Tony's video course "Mime Spoken Here" available to purchase as a download. Here's the link [url=https://mimespokenhere.com/learn-to-mime/]Mime Spoken Here[/url] If you want to learn mime, and in particular all those classic invisible wall/walking into the wind/lifted by in invisible rope illusions, this is THE place to do it. At just $35 it's an absolute steal.
Message: Posted by: stevevoltz (Feb 7, 2022 04:42PM)
The DVD version is also available at the site, but then you have to wait for it to come in the MAIL and who wants to do THAT these days?
Message: Posted by: poki (Apr 11, 2022 09:33PM)
Thanks for posting this! I learned mime many years ago first from a book called "The Mime Book", then from working with objects and then finally from some people who I've met along the road. I would have loved a video (or in person) course. I'm excited to check this one out!