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Topic: Anime Fans Unite!
Message: Posted by: Xaero (Jul 29, 2002 10:22PM)
Any anime fans out there? If so, what is your all time favorite anime movie or series?
Message: Posted by: wayman (Jul 31, 2002 08:47AM)
Akira & Ghost in a shell (films)
Message: Posted by: Xaero (Jul 31, 2002 05:31PM)
Ah, so there are magicians out there who watch anime. :)

I would also have to say that Akira is one of my all time favorite animes. There was just so much work and effort put into it to make it realistic and believeable. Sometimes you forget you're watching an animated movie.

Ghost in the Shell is another great film. Great story and amazing animation. Also a movie that will get you thinking, it tries to answer the question: "What does it mean to be alive?"

As for series i think Neon Genesis Evangelion would have to be my favorite. With a great story and deep character development nothing else even comes close to it.
Message: Posted by: wayman (Aug 2, 2002 06:23PM)
Watch ghost in a shell again and think Matrix!