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Topic: Svengali help?
Message: Posted by: karnak (Apr 2, 2022 06:14PM)
After many decades without one, I decided to pick up a Svengali deck, determined to use it in a non-giveaway fashion (meaning avoiding ever showing the cards all the same, instead relying on its more subtle aspects to do miracles like Ambitious Card, Card at Any Number, etc.).

However, in playing with it initially, it seems not quite as foolproof as I expected it to be.

I thought that it would be very easy, if not virtually automatic, to cut the deck (by gripping it only at top and bottom narrow ends of the cards) and always end up with the short/force card atop the lower remaining portion of the deck.

Unfortunately, that seems not always to be the case.

Too often, it just doesn’t work. I cut the deck, but the force/short card sometimes stubbornly clings to the bottom of the lifted portion. (Sometimes, after a fraction of a second, it drops off.)

Perhaps with a bit of subtle finesse, I might get the hang of cutting it so that disaster doesn’t happen. But what about asking an untrained spectator to cut the deck? Anything could happen! (Again, even if the spec must grip the deck by the ends, since I offer it to them while gripping its sides, it still just doesn’t always reliably work.)

Am I missing some basic bit of critical technique here, in cutting a Svengali deck?
Message: Posted by: Magical Moments (Apr 3, 2022 02:22AM)
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