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Topic: Canary?
Message: Posted by: Carron (Jun 27, 2004 11:06AM)
I have a canary as a pet and know I'm considering introducing him into my magic, has anyone got any past experience with this? I don't know whether to as canaries are rather 'fragile' birds

Message: Posted by: DaveWomach (Jun 27, 2004 12:27PM)
I've never used a canary in my act, but I have used a lot of parakeets with out any problems. My biggest fear with a canary would be that you produce it dead, because they are such fragile animals. However, maybe a chick pan is a good solution for the canary?

Just some thoughts. Good luck!
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Jul 1, 2004 07:10PM)
Why not produce him cage and all from a square circle or some other box or tube?

Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: alekei (Jul 2, 2004 04:27PM)
I would like to use a canary in my magic too. I have a book about canaries and I read that they are very smart and learn fast if you know how to keep them motivated.

Yes, they are fragile, but if you "hide" them carefully, and produce them carefully, I think they can stay there for a while without problems.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Oct 13, 2004 03:37AM)
I am looking also. Chick pan looking better and better.