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Topic: Name of this steal in the shell game?
Message: Posted by: shakuni (Apr 27, 2022 06:36AM)
What is the name of this side steal in the shell game?
Is it just called the side steal?
Can you please share where is it published or explained?
Message: Posted by: Tom G (Apr 28, 2022 06:49AM)
I really didn't see much different than the direction of the steal. Did look like he might be using sponge material as a ball.
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Apr 28, 2022 05:48PM)
That is Leo Smetsers shell set. Yes, he uses cut down sponge peas and his steal is more from the side with a different pinch than most shell sets because of how they are gripped. It is taught on all of his teaching videos that come with his sets.