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Topic: Penn & Teller's "How to play in traffic"
Message: Posted by: wiseman (Jun 29, 2004 01:33PM)
Hi guys,
This book is quite old (my edition is from 1997) but I recently - in fact today - bought it

The book is in no way a regular book of magic with a lot of tricks (although there *are* a few really funny ones inside, but chances are that someone beats you up if you try them out!), but I have not had this much fun reading a book for a while.

There are a few really gross tricks inside, for instance a really loud nackcrack or a prank pretending to sleep with the eyes open on a bus, which maybe not are suitable for everybody... Penn & Teller's "I am the God of Carbonation" routine where the spectator gets all drenched by a sodacan is probably also way over the top, so you probably have to be a *large* guy with a ponytail to get away with it! (if you are smaller the spectator probably will spank you...)

The book is somewhat pricey ($18.95 printed on the cover from the edition of 1997, possibly more expensive now 7 years later) for the read, since you finish the book in a couple of hours or less, but a worthy candidate for you library nonetheless.

// dennis
Message: Posted by: zombieboy (Jun 29, 2004 02:12PM)
I have owned the book for years and have loved it, event though the "God of Carbonation" routine is pretty much the same as a Paul Harris trick Fizzmaster.

If you liked this book, you will also like Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends, that is, if you can find it.
Message: Posted by: Wiley (Jun 29, 2004 03:33PM)
And don't forget about Penn & Teller's "How to Play With Your Food". Lots of fun stuff in there....

Message: Posted by: what the...? (Jul 2, 2004 07:30PM)
It sounds fun. I love gags like that. What else does it have in it. What's food about it?

Message: Posted by: marko (Jul 3, 2004 01:55AM)
I have a copy for sale for $12 or trade.
Message: Posted by: Blackwood (Jul 3, 2004 10:13AM)
"How to play with your food" has some wonderful little tricks in it. I've especially gotten some fun out of casually jabbing a fork in my eye and squirting "goo" all over the table at restaurants. (All it takes is palming a standard packet of liquid creamer.)

Message: Posted by: Geoff Weber (Jul 4, 2004 02:31AM)
This book has become horribly dated.. the section where Penn rants about how terrorists will never attack the United States, so a funny joke would be to program your laptop to look like a bomb when they check at the airport makes me queasy.
Message: Posted by: BathTub (Jul 4, 2004 04:13AM)
I also wonder if they still do/get away with, the red nose thing.
Message: Posted by: Turk (Jul 4, 2004 10:33AM)
On 2004-06-29 14:33, wiseman wrote:
Hi guys,
This book is quite old (my edition is from 1997)....

// dennis


Thanks, Dennis. You really know how to hurt a guy.

We older magicians are very cognizant of "old-ness", and to us, 7 years is just a walk in the park. (grin) Come to think of it, that's how long it takes us to actually walk around the park.

And, the older I get, the more the "52 Card Pickup" trick no longer starts looking like an optional effect for one's repertoire but rather a necessary bit of business.

Oh,well. I guess I'll get the walker and stroll down to the Senior Center for today's Bingo Marathon. (sigh)


P.S. I know what you meant by 7 years being a long time for a magic book; I was just having as little fun with the remark.
Message: Posted by: Cashetta (Jan 9, 2005 06:50PM)
I have the book and it's more than p[aid for itself just because of the carbonation trick. I actually use it in my stage show with club soda, a poncho and music for the spectator to shake the can to. It always get's oohs and aahs.
Message: Posted by: meilechl (Jan 10, 2005 03:43PM)
I have all the P&T books and they're all worth their weight in gold.
Message: Posted by: Wendy Wylde (Jan 11, 2005 01:22PM)
On 2005-01-10 16:43, meilechl wrote:
I have all the P&T books and they're all worth their weight in gold.

They really are. I love the P&T books, though I must confess that they futher encouraged/enabled my inner evil.

I actually convinced a couple of kids to do the Trick or Treat thing in "How to Play with Your Food". (is that the right one? <pondering> I'm pretty sure it's that one, though it might be in "Cruel Tricks"). To their credit, they didn't even rat me out when their mom asked "Where did you GET this idea?!?!?" Good kids. They'll go far. :)

One of the best things about "Cruel Tricks", in my opinion, is the little book that come with it "Would, Could, Should". The stories are all written by Penn and Teller and there are instructions on how to tell who wrote what. They're great stories, and I will never think of the Loch Ness Monster quite the same way ever again.

All of the P&T books are fantastic. And I also really enjoyed Penn's novel "Sock".