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Topic: Magic Screensavers
Message: Posted by: cardguy (Jul 30, 2002 07:53PM)
Does anyone know of any sites where I can get magic related screensavers and wallpaper for my desktop?
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Jul 31, 2002 12:44AM)
I'm sure there are several places, if one was inclined to do some investigating.

Here are a couple I think you may enjoy:
[url=http://www.ibmagic.com/]Click here for a screen saver site[/url] and also

[url=http://www.povray.org/preview/irtc-cd3/stills/19970831/view/arevotma.htm]A rabbits Eye View Screensaver[/url]

Hope these are of some help. :)
Message: Posted by: Brian Proctor (Jul 31, 2002 03:11AM)
Check out David Copperfield's website. He has some cool pictures for your desktop.

http://www.davidcopperfield.com :fruity:
Message: Posted by: cardguy (Jul 31, 2002 05:48PM)
Steve, that site with the rabbit's eye view has some other nice magic designs also. Thanx! :bg:
Message: Posted by: Brian Proctor (Jul 31, 2002 09:59PM)
Hey Steve, I just now clicked on that Rabbit Link too. That is very creative on whoever made it. I like the idea. Thanks for posting the link. :)
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Aug 2, 2002 02:20PM)
Glad I could be of some help.