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Topic: Hanging coins?
Message: Posted by: KidMagic87 (Jul 2, 2004 01:36PM)
Does anyone perform Roth's Hanging Coins? This routine gets some of my strongest reactions, and not one person has ever even begun to ask, "How's he do that?" because they are so enchanted with the magic of the routine. It's really not angly, so I wonder why I have never see anyone do it.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Jul 2, 2004 03:08PM)
Glad you do the trick. Yes, it has some angle issues, be careful. It might be that you perform the thing well, and they enjoy the ride.

Some of us have been doing the trick since David first lectured in late 1976. ;)
Message: Posted by: Rob Johnston (Jul 2, 2004 03:31PM)
It is an amazing trick. I love performing it and love watching it even more.
Message: Posted by: tedski (Jul 2, 2004 03:45PM)
I like it a lot also. If it is not being performed by others, I like it even more. :)

Are you doing the single coin reproduction sequence from Roth's book also, or the "tossing" of the floating coins into the hand finish?
Message: Posted by: Justin Hart (Jul 2, 2004 04:31PM)
Just for kicks, sometimes upon finishing the routine, I just say thank you and walk out. Of course that leaves them wondering, but when I see them again I produce them off them and excuse them of stealing followed by a wink. This fits my character, so to me, it's all in fun.
Message: Posted by: KidMagic87 (Jul 2, 2004 04:38PM)
I'm doing the "dumping into the hands" thing because it fits my patter. The patter is about logically being able to place the coins into an invisible bag, so it's better if I dump them out.

Also, in [i]Expert Coin Magic[/i] I don't do that extra step of "missing" and dropping the coin. I feel that it weakens the presentation, detracts from the skill level which the audience assumes you have, and I do the routine standing, so I don't want to have to risk flashing while picking it up.
Message: Posted by: Kihei (Jul 3, 2004 02:13AM)
Hanging coins is one of the first routines I learned and perform on a regular basis. I have found it much easier to use it as a vanishing sequence and bypass the hanging, ending with a coin by coin reproduction under alternating palm up hands. PM me for details if you like.

Message: Posted by: Hardi (Jul 3, 2004 02:16PM)
Try to get the Vanni Bossi's lecture notes[i] The Las Vegas Lecture, 25 World Magic Seminar 2002[/i]. You will find in there his version of the Hanging Coins, which is a tremendous improvement of the Roth routine.