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Topic: Franz Harary TV Special & Houdini Days
Message: Posted by: MikeandChris (Jul 2, 2004 10:34PM)
Franz Harary's World Mega Magic will air on the Travel Channel on July 17, 2004 at 10pm EST.

Don't miss learning from Franz Harary in person at the Houdini Days Magic Festival in Appleton, Wisconsin. Franz will be lecturing on Friday, September 3rd at 5:30pm.

More info: http://www.harary.com and http://www.houdinidays.com

Don't miss one of the greatest magic festival's in the world - The Houdini Days Magic Festival. Tell your friends and make your plans to visit "Houdini's Hometown" in September.

Chris Cochrane
Houdini Days Organizer
Message: Posted by: Snidini (Jul 18, 2004 06:31PM)
I was a little disappointed in Franz's special. It got old real fast for me and maybe overseas that was a special treat for the folks in those countries but over here, it wasn't "ground breaking" magic. Any comments or thoughts on this?

Message: Posted by: MCM (Jul 18, 2004 08:51PM)
True, a good chunk of it was variations on the same trick, making something disapear or change position.
Message: Posted by: jwebyra (Jul 19, 2004 12:58PM)
I agree, I would have liked to see more of his stage show.
Message: Posted by: Steven Steele (Jul 20, 2004 01:11PM)
I didn't bother watching it. Franz doesn't do anything for me. Just different styles.