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Topic: The Porcelain god
Message: Posted by: ben creitz (Jul 31, 2002 02:47PM)
I am currently working on a good method for this. I am not a knowledgeable magician, so there may be some great ways of doing it that haven't occurred to me. Feel free to PM me and request (or offer) any info, or put up a public post with comments about the routine.


Spectator chooses a card and returns it to the deck. The magician explains that in order to discover the name of the card, he will call upon the powers of the Porcelain god. Both magician and spectator then proceed to the bathroom, where they find a toilet. The spectator is asked to lift the lid, revealing an empty bowl (I think at this point the magician should point into the bowl and comment on how it is a window to the past).

The spectator lowers the lid, puts the deck on top, and flushes the toilet. Once the flush cycle has completed, he lifts the lid to find his card floating in the water!


Not that I am shooting for a method that allows the spectator to handle everything - the lifting of the lid, placing the deck on top, the flush, and the subsequent re-lifting and discovery. What all of this boils down to is how to load the card into the toilet, and how to prevent it from getting flushed (the flush, besides being funny, is there to make people think that if something was in there, it will be there no longer.) I think this could turn into a great dinner party effect. The only problem is getting the card OUT of the toilet!
Message: Posted by: RangeCowboy (Aug 4, 2002 03:06PM)
I think you have the beginnings of a stage act. Get a real porcelain toilet and mount it on a dolly with castors so it can be rolled out. The outlet will be sealed of course. Fill the tank with enough water to flush once when ready.

Magically have the specs select say five cards from a deck and sign each one individually. Then vanish them. Flush the toilet and open the lid to reveal 10, J, Q, K, A of spades with their signatures now on these cards. - A Royal Flush!
Message: Posted by: Scott Cram (Aug 5, 2002 02:31AM)
Hmmmm...depending on your method for "Fruit on the Bottom," it might naturally lead into this trick.

For a nice touch, you might want to check out Gaeton Bloom's "Intercessor." Then you wouldn't have to remove the card from the bowl. You can flush it down the toilet and have it reappear somewhere else - and the torn corner still matches!

"...window to the past..." :rotf:
Message: Posted by: Greg Arce (Aug 5, 2002 02:51PM)
I've got a complicated idea: The lid to the toilet is actually two parts: the top and the rim. What if you have him lift both parts when he checks out the empty bowl, but concealed between the lid and the rim there is a card that is also a shimmed one (can be attracted by a magnet).

Okay, he puts the lid down and you place the deck on the edge of the lid and tell him to push the deck to the center of the lid. What he doesn't know is the deck is partially hollowed out and contacts a strong magnet, which causes the shimmed card to ride under the lid along with the deck. After he flushes he has to remove the deck to lift the lid so therefore the card will drop into the water.
Message: Posted by: Joe Marotta (Aug 6, 2002 07:55PM)
Ben, this is a really cool idea!

I think we can come up with a way of gimmicking the lid, and even Greg's idea of using a magnet just might work. Looks like I'll have to play with my toilet and a deck of cards tonight. (So what's new, right?)

How about using your ITR to remove the card from the water?

Joe Marotta
HA! A Royal Flush! I'm still laughing about that one. :rotf:
Message: Posted by: pwagorn (Aug 6, 2002 09:19PM)
Why not bend the card lengthwise (so it will act like a spring), and put it into the lip on the inside of the bowl? It'll stay there until the toilet is flushed.
Message: Posted by: Bird Brain (Aug 7, 2002 08:28AM)
This is an awesome idea! I like it!

It's a GREAT routine to fit puns into!

:bg: :bg: :bg:

Bird Brain
Message: Posted by: ben creitz (Aug 7, 2002 09:38AM)
Guys, these are great ideas! pwagorn - you have hit on my initial idea - of somehow bending the card and hiding it up under the rim. But I had trouble getting it to stay, and when it did come down, it retained its fold, which didn't look great. If you could get this to work, you could easily accomplish the effect with a force.

Joe, I like the IT idea, and here's my twist on it: Paul Harris had this effect in SuperMagic (maybe it's in AoA, but I haven't purchased that yet) - anyway, it's called Machine Gun Aces, and it shows you how to shoot cards out of a packet. I was thinking you could bring the chosen card to the bottom, stick an end of IT on there, and in bringing the deck up to place it on the lid, "shooting" the bottom card in at exactly the right moment! The IT will hopefully keep the card from being flushed.

Using this method, the spectator can be sure the toilet is empty before closing, although the magician would be the one to handle the deck. I hope we aren't talking too much method for the public part; I don't have enough posts for the banquet room!

Scott, very funny! I hadn't thought about the 2 tricks together like that. Maybe somebody in the mentalism thread could help me do a "cold reading" to determine whether or not somebody is lactose intolerant.
Message: Posted by: mrbungle (Nov 20, 2002 02:33AM)
What if... you close the lid and before you do, palm a card and slide it under the seat. So when he/she slowly opens the lid it falls in the bowl. Impromptu and easy.