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Topic: Shimmed Buddha Box lid
Message: Posted by: sethb (Jul 6, 2004 01:49PM)
As some of you may know, there is an interesting optional accessory available for the Buddha Boxes, which are variations of the Okito Coin Box.

A few weeks ago, I wrote to Chazpro, manufacturer of the Buddha Boxes, asking if they would consider producing a shimmed or magnetic lid. I was pleasantly surprised when owner Chuck Leach responded and indicated that he had in fact already done a limited run of optional shimmed lids for the boxes. (Hey, great minds think alike! <g>)

I ordered a shimmed lid and have been playing around with it for a few days. I also had to invest in a magnetic half dollar to use the gaffed lid, but I think itís going to be a good investment. Using the shimmed lid on a standard Buddha Box allows you to perform Chop Cup moves in addition to the regular Okito moves. Using the shimmed lid on a slot box gives you two holdout options instead of one -- and they can be used separately or simultaneously.

To my thinking, one drawback of slot boxes and the magnetic Buddha Box is that the nature of the holdout prevents you from showing the inside of the box. The shimmed lid neatly solves that problem. As many of you know, David Roth also has some ingenious moves with an Okito box lid in his Expert Coin Magic; the shimmed lid would make those ideas easier to execute, too.

The Chazpro shimmed lid is well made; the lid will withstand close examination (unless someone has a magnet) and it matches the standard Buddha Box lids perfectly. A nice feature of the lid is that it automatically centers the coin under the lid (at least with my Johnson mag coin), thus avoiding any potential problems when placing the loaded lid on the box.

The shimmed lid isnít advertised on the Chazpro website, but if you call their toll-free order line, 1-800-730-0032, they will know what youíre talking about. The optional lid is $14.95 plus shipping, and one size fits all the various Buddha Boxes. The lid doesnít come with any instructions, but most coin workers and all Okito Box lovers will know how to use it and what can be done with it. SETH