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Topic: Opus 1 - Festivus Maximus
Message: Posted by: magicreza (Jul 7, 2004 01:51PM)
Does anyone have the new Opus 1 CD, Festivus Maximus? I've always been extreamly impressed with their work. Any reviews of the new CD?

Message: Posted by: x-treem (Jul 8, 2004 01:42AM)
FM is great and highly recommended by me (not that that says a lot :)), be prepared as the entire CD is nothing like the past Opus1 works, the best way for me to describe the CD is futuristic sounds such as drum-n-bass mixed with older ren faire type music sidelined with a world beat feel.

Though all of the tracks are great (in my opinion better then the olded CD's) two not to be missed tracks are [i]Cogito, ergo sum[/i] and [i]Et tu,Brute?[/i]