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Topic: Yet another potential Forum - Volunteering and Helping the Community
Message: Posted by: Mike Walton (Jul 8, 2004 09:43AM)
Thanks for the great Café all.

I write to see if there would be interest in creating a "Volunteering and Helping the Community" forum.

I started a thread a while back named something like "Where do you volunteer" in the restaurant workers forum and the response showed interest in such a topic.

Aside from the benefits of actually helping others, one very practical benefit of volunteering is to take one's skills from amateur to professional through these non-paid gigs. It's one of the few yet regular ways to learn the skills of spectator interaction & management, performance, etc. and get some real chops with your craft.

I would even be willing to put in the work to double check the posts for language and to ensure they follow the Café rules, if manpower would be a hangup.

Thanks again for the excellent "space" you've created here!