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Topic: James Lewis' One Coin Triple Change Spellbound
Message: Posted by: MagicSteve84 (Jul 8, 2004 07:04PM)
I bought James Lewis' "Million Dollar Mysteries" video a couple of years ago. it has many great ideas for close up magic. My question is that there is a spellbound routine that is included in this video that is performance only. I watch the performance several times and it has me completely baffled. If anyone could give me a source where I could find the routine, it would be greatly appreciated.

Message: Posted by: mystre71 (Jul 8, 2004 07:38PM)
Hello, I have the video also and I don't think Mr. Lewis has ever released that part of the routine. If I remember right the spellbound bit is the first phase of his C/S/B routine.

I'm not 100% sure but I don't think it's ever been released. Although if you watch the video carefully you can figure it out. But I suggest that you seek out other published routines, and just enjoy watching Mr. Lewis' routine.

Best to you
Message: Posted by: S2000magician (Jul 8, 2004 11:03PM)
After watching that opener several times I finally figured out what he's doing; it's [b][i]very[/i][/b] clever!
Message: Posted by: sniper1 (Jul 9, 2004 04:51AM)
You can always go for Curtis Kam's spellbound from his Palms of Steel series , it's in vol. 1 if I'm not wrong.
Message: Posted by: Dan LeFay (Jul 9, 2004 01:30PM)
James uses a sleight that has become popular just recently! It's quite a challenge to figure out what he's doing. Absolutely beautiful routine!!!
Message: Posted by: MagicSteve84 (Jul 9, 2004 03:44PM)
I just watch the routine again and I can kinda piece together what he is doing. I know that he is using a CSB coin and I am pretty sure I know where the coin is being secretly held when not in use. The problem I have is how to get the coin into those positions.

Thanks mystre71 for the suggestion of seeking other published spellbound effects, but I just can't sleep when some of these guys put out amazing effects on video and they are performance only. I think this is the best and cleanest spellbound routine I have seen.

I think I will take sniper's advice and go with Curtis Kam's Palms of Steel. I got the second and third the other day so this will complete the collection.

Is the spellbound routine from Palms of Steel 1 a three way change?

~Still wishing Mr. Lewis published that routine
Message: Posted by: sniper1 (Jul 9, 2004 05:44PM)

Chinese coin to silver coin than back to Chinese than to copper and going back and forth while twisting the coin at the finger tips.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Jul 9, 2004 05:51PM)
If you look in Kainoa's book [i][b]Coins on Edge[/i][/b] you can find some nice options using Edge Grip and ... well the J.W. Grip is kind of a natural to use for some things.
Message: Posted by: mike gallo (Jul 10, 2004 12:59PM)
It's simply a technique that I taught James almost 25 years ago...if you watch the credits at the end of the tape...you will see my name mentioned....YEA!

Message: Posted by: boltt223 (Jul 10, 2004 11:05PM)
If it is the routine I am thinking of, you can find it with explanation on the tape - Stars of Magic David Roth Vol. 2.