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Topic: McBride's Manipulation Videos #1
Message: Posted by: cloneman (Jul 9, 2004 02:38PM)
I was looking for a good video to teach the Miser's Dream. Does anyone own the McBride's Manipulation Videos #1 which teaches this? If so, how would you rate this portion of the tape? Is it worth buying for this one routine?
Message: Posted by: Bill Citino (Jul 10, 2004 12:22AM)
I own all 3 of the series. For the most part I think that this section is great. McBride teaches a basic Miser's Dream routine and throws some ideas out there to make you think of how to make the routine your own. He also goes into different types of buckets to use as well as some other cool stuff.

In the end I think that it'd be worth buying for the Miser's Dream routine, plus you get a whole bunch of other cool coin routines and moves along with some Thimble and Billiard Ball manipulation too. Hope this all helps.

Message: Posted by: davidmagic (Jul 10, 2004 07:39AM)
Ditto here-on all three videos (I think the DVD splits them up so ethe balla nd thimble manipulations are on deparate dvds-the coin work is worth it alone. From a simple miser's dream to a jumbo coin miser's dream to 10-coin roll downs, it is there.
Message: Posted by: cloneman (Jul 11, 2004 09:35PM)
Thanks guys! I really dig McBrides card flourish work, I was hoping that the coin DVD would be as good. I'll pick one up!