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Topic: Snow Storm
Message: Posted by: samuelchong (Jul 10, 2004 03:00AM)
I would like to perform Snowstorm In China without using any fan. These are the items that I came across. Any review?
Snow Animator III ( http://hanklee.org/xcart/customer/product.php?productid=6746&cat=&page=1 )
Blizzard 2000 - electronic ( http://www.vikingmagic.com/cgi-bin/dc.pl?keywords=snow.*storm&html=full&key=527&options= )
Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Jul 10, 2004 05:24AM)
I think it will be recommended you go with Kevin James Snow Animator. Not version III, but version II. It is still available through Kevin James. In this version, you perch on a stool whilst telling your story, or while your music is playing.

It is available from http://www.kjmagic.com
Message: Posted by: zombieboy (Jul 10, 2004 11:47AM)
I second that. Version three doesn't leave you with many other presentation options.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jul 10, 2004 01:07PM)
I think it would be funny if you could lean your head way back and BLOW on the confetti to make it fly about. Or even lay on the floor. :kermit:
Message: Posted by: Philipp K (Jul 10, 2004 01:56PM)
I'd like to see that too...seriously !

This might be a great comedy idea for a two-person act.
Maybe one person could secretly attach an "I don't know the English word for this. It is the blowing thing you use for drying your hair. Please tell me the correct word for this" to his head.
The person walks on stage, lays down without turning his head and starts that "hair-drying-thing."
Of course music should cover the noise .

You start to perform the snowstorm effect and after you switched the packets, you just kneel down and the other person starts/pretends to blow very strongly.
You release the confetti aaannnndddd... applause!

Great idea huh?!
Anyhow...I was just kidding. ;-)

Message: Posted by: zombieboy (Jul 10, 2004 03:23PM)
Hair dryer


blow dryer.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jul 10, 2004 06:04PM)
Danka Shoen...
Message: Posted by: Philipp K (Jul 11, 2004 03:47AM)
Thanks zombieboy.

Pete, it's "Danke Schön."
But you can use either "ö" or "oe"; it's the same thing.

Aurevoir, ciao and tschüß
Message: Posted by: felipão (Jul 11, 2004 09:59AM)
A friend of mine bought this and showed me.
The blower makes very very little noise and the air is a lot really. Doesn't come with too much for yet...

Awesome illusion.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jul 11, 2004 04:47PM)
I "kandt" spell in other languages?
Message: Posted by: Philipp K (Jul 12, 2004 04:29AM)

Another international joke with my name.
But this one's way better than the others.