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Topic: Custom Sharpie
Message: Posted by: magicgetsgirls (Jul 11, 2004 08:39PM)
What up all. I'm doing a card routine that is accomplished by using a sharpie that's a "magic marker." Anyways, I want to write the words "magic marker" on the sharpie in a different color and also a few other things that aren't there already. Is there any way I could make a special sticker that could fit PERFECTLY on the sharpie? This is just my idea.

BASICALLY, if any of you know of ANY WAY I could write my own stuff on a sharpie, I would be happy.

God Bless.

Oh and, as always, thank you for your help.
Message: Posted by: Leland Stone (Jul 13, 2004 05:49PM)
Hiya, Magic:

You can custom-print anything on virtually any substrate (wood, metal, plastic, ceramic) using "Water Slip Decal Paper." Go to your artists' supply store or hobby shop and get "Lazer Trans" (a British import); you then photo-copy your text/graphics onto this paper using any thermo-set process (Xerography, laser printing) and then cut out, water-moistened and transferred to your surface. Allow to dry and then cover with a coat of lacquer.

Leland Edward Stone
Message: Posted by: magicgetsgirls (Jul 13, 2004 07:33PM)
Wow! YOU ROCK!!! You honestly have no idea how valuable this is. I'm printing this out right now! Thanks Leland.

Message: Posted by: Rupert Bair (Jul 15, 2004 02:39PM)
Wow I'm in britain and ive never heard lazer trans!