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Topic: First Time
Message: Posted by: Steveo (Jul 19, 2004 10:44PM)
This is my first time wanting to construct an illusion. My friend gave me some plan ideas on an illusion that I put four walls up and then the walls fall down and my assistant is standing there, like she came out of nowhere. Does anyone have any comments on this? Thank you in advance.
Message: Posted by: GuySavoie (Jul 20, 2004 11:15PM)
Yes -

My best advice is:

* built one about a foot high out of cardboard and play with the concept; check angles, lighting, etc.

* next, build a full size mock up out of cardboard or corrugated plastic, and see if it really works.

* finally, once you've worked through it a few times, have some honest spectators watch it; see if it was entertaining (and moreso, if you were entertaining :) ) Don't rely on other magicians, Mom, or your buddies. Ask someone you trust to give an *honest* opinion. While you might not want to hear what they say, do it. Write it down or tape it, and take their opinions seriously. See if you can evolve the prop and presentation to improve their experience.

After that, it might be worth investing the time in building the prop "for real." After all, if you're building something "cool" that is, in reality, a dud, then why build and perform it?

An idea on paper may or may not translate to real life. Trust me on that one.

--- Guy
Message: Posted by: George Ledo (Jul 22, 2004 09:35AM)
Since this is your first time building an illusion, remember above all that "an illusion" (i.e., the box itself) is just a prop, no different than one of those kitchen gadgets they demonstrate on TV. What makes it magic is you -- your personality, your presentation, and how well you get the audience to believe they're witnessing the impossible.

As Guy said, try it out and see what kind of reactions you get. Work on the presentation as much as on the prop and you may come up with a winner.

Good luck and keep us posted!