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Topic: Torn and Restored Bill
Message: Posted by: flimnar (Jul 20, 2004 12:21AM)
What is the best torn and restored bill routine that you can carry with you and perform at a moment's notice?

Some of you seem to have better luck with the search
engine than I have. If you can point me to threads that have already covered this (LeConte, that would be you) it would be a big help. I can tell you I am not searching all 70+ pages!

Thanks for your ideas--

Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Jul 20, 2004 02:14AM)
The best effect is by magician Joshi Herose,
called Rip it... can be performed with any one dollar bill.
The bill is torn, two holes are seen and then there is a slow motion restoration.
If you would like to see a demonstration go to magicvideodepot.com look under author vinny. If you like the effect PM me and I'll send the handling via e mail
Message: Posted by: MagicMan5150 (Jul 20, 2004 03:00PM)
I'm curious as well. I recently saw a magi perform at our table. Asked my friend for any bill, my friend pulls out the new US $20! I don't recall if it was torn once or twice in full view. The fact that it was the new $20 and he asked for ANY bill floored me! I remember seeing this effect listed somewhere but for the life of me I've been unable to find any information on it again.
Message: Posted by: Richard Tremblay (Jul 22, 2004 11:52AM)
Jay Sankey and Richard Sanders have a version which can be done with any bill (including foreign ones), require no extra bill, leave no trace and in which you can show 2 separate pieces. It has been printed in "When creators collide".

Richard Tremblay
Message: Posted by: MagicMan5150 (Jul 22, 2004 08:20PM)

That sounds like a start. Is "When Creators Collide" out of print?
Message: Posted by: Nelson Hoofard (Jul 23, 2004 01:55AM)
Hey Vinny, I just watched your demo at magicvideodepot.com looks pretty neat! Never seen that before.
Message: Posted by: mattisdx (Jul 23, 2004 06:43AM)
There's a slow motion bill restoration I think that I saw on magicproshop. sounded pretty sweet :D
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Jul 23, 2004 07:45AM)
Thanks Nelson, as I said it is not my creation .All the credit goes to Joshi Herose.
Mattsdx is this the same as the one I demonstrated? I would like to know.

Jeff McBride performs this effect on one of his videos. He adds more drama to the effect, not sure which vid it is on.

Message: Posted by: MagicMan5150 (Jul 23, 2004 10:38AM)

Could the name of the effect you describe be Moving Day: A small tear travels the length of a bill! from The Sankey Sanders Sessions DVD's?
I did a search for "When Creators Collide!" and all I could come up with was Switch Places Aces: The classic routine from "When Creators Collide!" (Sankey/Sanders) on the same DVD set?
Message: Posted by: Bob Johnston (Jul 24, 2004 09:43PM)
I do a great Torn and Restored Mis-made bill.

This has been discussed on this forum. It does have a cost factor. But the nice thing about it, is that the signature of the audience member is showing from start to finish.

Message: Posted by: JJP161 (Jul 25, 2004 12:45AM)
I looked on magicproshop for the slow motion bill restoration and couldn't find anything could you point me in the right direction please. Thank-you,


I believe When Creators Collide is out of print but there is a copy up for auction on ebay right now. If anybody has any other ideas I would love to learn a good torn and restored bill. So far my search for the right one has led me nowhere so any assistance would be great.

Yours sounds very impressive and the cost factor would not be a problem for the right effect it's worth it. Maybe you could point us in the right direction. Thank-you.

Message: Posted by: Bob Johnston (Jul 26, 2004 01:26AM)

This was covered in a thread some time ago.
There are some things needed:

>A packaged trick by Dan Harlan, called Crazy-8.

>His (Dan Harlan’s) help and permission with the modification. He is on this forum.

>Experience in cutting your own “Mis-made bills.”

>The understanding that it will cost you about $5.00 each time you do the trick. This assumes you have purchased a bank note sheet from the Gov.

>The ability to do a bill switch (not hard to do.)

The illusion as seen from the audiences point of view:

You barrow a $1 bill from a spectator.

You fold it in four.

You place it down on the table for them to sign.
(from this point on, the spectators signature [b]NEVER[/b] leaves their sight)

You now tear the bill into four pieces
Then you unfold it into a mis-made bill with their signature “moved” but having never left their sight.

[i]This is a great trick to do if you are pitching a gig.[/i]

Message: Posted by: Richard Tremblay (Jul 26, 2004 09:15AM)

This is in the book that is out of print. I suspect that you could find a copy at H & R or other used books dealers.

Message: Posted by: MagicMan5150 (Jul 27, 2004 03:09PM)
Joe & Richard:

Thanks for the lead!
Message: Posted by: JJP161 (Jul 30, 2004 01:30AM)

Thank-you very much for all of the info I think I'm going to give this a shot and see how it goes. I'm waiting on a prototype of a new milk pitcher from Mr. Harlan now and when I let him know my thoughts I'll have to ask for his permission then. Thanks again Bob I appreciate your time and insight greatly.

Message: Posted by: Brian Proctor (Jul 30, 2004 02:56AM)
I do a T.T. bill switch for my torn and restored bill. I tried it out once for a girl at this local pizza place.

She had ripped my dollar by accident. I immediately took upon the oppourtunity. Taking the bill from her, I folded it up, unfolded it, and used my finger to "seal" up the tear on the bill.

The look on her face was priceless. Well, it cost me a dollar.