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Topic: Cell phone manipulations
Message: Posted by: BronxRican (Jul 22, 2004 10:36AM)
Are there any? Mine is the right shape and size to tenkai palm so sometimes I'll do a single coin routine/flourishes and instead of a jumbo finish I'll use my cell since it's impromptu.
Message: Posted by: maylor (Jul 22, 2004 12:30PM)
I've seen some people do manipulation routines based on cell phones. I'm sure you can get a gimmick from somewhere but I'm not sure where.
Message: Posted by: sperris (Jul 22, 2004 01:03PM)
I know a young guy from Hungary. His name is "Shomo." He does a cell phone manipulation/multipication in his act. Lu Chen also does something with a cell phone, like dove from cell phone.

Message: Posted by: yanyak5 (Jul 23, 2004 04:37PM)
You come out on stage with your phone bill. You read your phone bill to your audience and complain about how high your bill is. You continue saying that you're just paying way too much for your service. You read off some silly little calls that just cost a fortune. As you are reading you're interupted by a ringing. You tell the audience to hold on a moment and you produce a cell phone and pretend to answer it. As you're talking on the phone another ringing sounds. You produce another one. Again another sound. You produce a third phone. You're trying to talk to everyone and the audience all at once. Again another sound is heard and yet again another phone is produced! By this time you're going crazy!!!! Again another sound is heard!!! No wonder your bill is so high!

I know this really has nothing to do with your question but I'd thought I'd throw it out there. You can buy cheap plastic toy cell phones at most Dollar Tree stores. Try having a few loaded onto your body and produce them with your phone bill. You can even cut the plastic phones so you just have a thin layer of the phone. Do this to a few of them and try and stack them (or almost make like shells to fit over one phone). Hope this sparked some interest.
Message: Posted by: dsilverfield (Jul 24, 2004 03:50AM)
Fantastic routine yanyak. For the record, there is a boy in France who does a whole act with cell phones.
That is his website.
Message: Posted by: yanyak5 (Jul 24, 2004 09:06AM)
Link's not working. :(
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Jul 26, 2004 04:06PM)
I know that Tom Burgoon was selling a sponge cell phone that could be hidden in the hand quite easily. It looked nice from a short distance.
Message: Posted by: delpfin (Jul 27, 2004 06:54AM)
Error in link, but this link is OK:

BTW. I use one cell phone in my stage act. I produce it from hanky (dove producing method) at end of act and say: "OK. I just go home honey ..."
Message: Posted by: dsilverfield (Jul 27, 2004 07:16AM)
Sorry, I spelt it wrong. The right one is [url]sammynesville.com[/url]. The site is in French and the fellow is a 15 year old. His act is good.