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Topic: Spirit Theater
Message: Posted by: lyndonwebb (Aug 4, 2002 01:38PM)
Well I finally got a copy of this book and I must say it is truly what everyone says
"A Gem" if you haven't got it, then you need to!
Message: Posted by: Seance (Aug 4, 2002 03:14PM)
I'll second that emotion!

By the way, the first edition of the book had a record with Eugene Burger's narrations of "The Dollhouse of Millie Riggs" and "The Fox Sisters".

Those two recordings are now on his website at http://www.yourmagic.com/MagicBeard/presentations.html

If you want to hear how a storyteller paces his voice to generate emotion, have a listen.
(They can be heard through mp3 and flash 5 versions)
Message: Posted by: Paul (Aug 7, 2002 02:06PM)
Used to be fun listening to Milli Riggs in a darkened room :) A great story, well told.

Message: Posted by: Necromancer (Aug 8, 2002 02:47PM)
This is an invaluable textbook of how to conduct an effective theatrical seance. I used it as a major touchstone in designing the Houdini Seance for the Chicago Assembly of the SAM this past Halloween.

Another helpful resource, though not a replacement for Spirit Theatre by any means, is Lee Earle's Manifestations. And for insight into conducting a commercial, non gimmicked, but quite powerful in-home seance, I'm quite impressed with Brother Shadow's Have Seance, Will Travel.
Message: Posted by: Swami Bill (Aug 14, 2002 09:02AM)
I agree, Necro. "Have Seance, Will Travel" is an excellent commercial seance for the home audience.