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Topic: Schools of thought
Message: Posted by: Burt Yaroch (Aug 4, 2002 11:49PM)
Interacting with so many varying degrees of knowledge here has been a completely fascinating experience. Perspectives seem to be as varied as individuals. However there often surfaces several commonalities in theory and psychology, especially when these principles are contrasted between those who perform and promote magic as a career and the hobbyists or amateurs. One would be inclined to conclude that these differences are a matter of experience and education, learned vice learning. My question is this:

Do you remember any specific books, instructors, performances, or lessons where the message that you now espouse finally became clear to you?

Amongst the years of practice and performance, were they any moments you can recall that have truly defined you as a magician?
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Aug 5, 2002 02:29AM)
Aldo Colombini telling me, "You are the only one who knows!"

Dai Vernon's advice to "Eliminate Moves."

David Roth telling me, "You're working too hard!"

Nate Leipzig's advice: "People don't mind being fooled by a gentleman!"

Erdnase explaining that if you can't change the method, change the moment.

Albert Goshman: "YOU are the magic; the props only come along for the ride!"