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Topic: Secrets of Deception Revealed
Message: Posted by: Rob Johnston (Jul 27, 2004 01:52PM)
I am not sure that I got the exact title.

But I watched this the other night. They taught the various methods of gambling cheats and such. They discussed methods of palming, misdirection, etc.

They even brought in Ortiz in to show how everything was done.

Was it exposure? I don't know. They did reveal many methods of card tricks and such...but I actually enjoyed the show. I wonder why Ortiz would reveal these methods to a public audience however.

Seance methods and mentalist methods were also revealed.

Thoughts anyone?
Message: Posted by: Jim Wilder (Jul 27, 2004 03:54PM)
I saw a special on television many months ago that featured a segment with Jamy Ian Swiss. It was how cheaters have cheated in Las Vegas... switching dice on table games, using shoe computers, etc.

It also had a clip of Jamy Ian Swiss tossing 3 card monte. It gave a brief rundown on the scam. It also revealed the basic hype move.

The bottom line of the show was just that cheating is a bad gamble and playing 3 card monte will put you on the fast track to losing money. :)
Message: Posted by: vernal (Aug 2, 2004 02:43PM)
Why do I always miss these specials? I check http://www.tvmagicguide.com/ all the time.

FWIW, I have trouble thinking that Darwin O. would expose anything. Shoe computers no problem, but moves?
Message: Posted by: Rob Johnston (Aug 6, 2004 02:00PM)
Darwin Ortiz exposed Card Holdouts, Palming cards, chips etc.

He exposed other moves.

I found it hard to believe as well..until I saw him do it.