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Topic: Cardini
Message: Posted by: Karl Danne (Jul 31, 2004 02:07PM)
I've just downloaded a 2 min. small part of a video on Cardini, where Jeff McB and Lance B appear talking about him, and it shows a little of Cardini doing some manipulation. I was AMAZED almost to tears seeing him perform.
I just wanted to know if there are more videos on Cardini alone, or where could I see some of his performances.
Please help me on this, I need to see more of him.
Thanks a lot.
Message: Posted by: bojanbarisic (Jul 31, 2004 02:25PM)
I have his show from one of Paul Daniels shows. Also if you would like to study Cardini I recomend "A tribute to Cardini " video from Toreno. You can buy it in London from International Magic. Where did you find the clip to download ?
Message: Posted by: Karl Danne (Jul 31, 2004 02:47PM)
Thanks a lot bojanbarisic, I'll try to get those.
The one I have, which is very short as I said before, I've got it from Emule, by searching "Cardini - magic".
Once again, thank you!
Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Jul 31, 2004 04:09PM)
Karl, out of interest, where did you download this 2 min clip? (What is Emule?)I've seen a lot of Cardini's act, but it wouldn't hurt to see it again, it really is pure magic.

Many thanks mate.
Message: Posted by: Aperazor (Jul 31, 2004 06:08PM)
I have this clip as well and it is about 6.37 megs, I would be glad to e-mail it to anyone if your e-mail accepts files that size.
PM me. (By the way this one is in quicktime format)
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Jul 31, 2004 07:41PM)
Cardini was just so superb. But what he did not do is just come out and highlight pure skill. Instead he entertained with a great character and a great theme which gave so much more to his performances.

Message: Posted by: Karl Danne (Jul 31, 2004 11:57PM)
Emule is a P2P (peer to peer) software in ehich you can share your stuff with other people as well as they share their's with you.
I've just shown the clip to 2 friends of mine who are no magicians and they were shocked.
By the way, where did you get those acts that you've seen?
Thanks. Kar.-
Message: Posted by: stephenbanning (Aug 1, 2004 08:46PM)
There is a video that includes Cardini and a few other greats (Nielsen, etc.) that someone sells on Ebay periodically for $39 and it is usually is picked up by someone.
Message: Posted by: Darko (Aug 2, 2004 12:22PM)
Cardini is a master. I saw him in documentary about magic. His cigar and cards act is really wonderful.

(sorry about my english).
Message: Posted by: Karl Danne (Aug 2, 2004 12:35PM)
Please tell me where can I get those acts from, either to learn it or (what would be infinite better) to see them performed by Cardini.
Thanks. Karl.-
Message: Posted by: thegreatgeorgio (Nov 26, 2004 04:19PM)
if sum1 e-mails me the video to:
then I can upload it on my website for everyone to download it if they want



Here is the clip, if ne1 wants it:



Message: Posted by: JediMindTrick (Dec 8, 2004 09:43PM)
That's a fantastic clip of Cardini. What a legend. That man WAS magic.
Message: Posted by: sugam (Dec 8, 2004 11:15PM)
Wow, thanks for the link. I remember watching this special before. Love the billiard ball handling. I'd like to see the cigarette act again.
Message: Posted by: Regan (Dec 9, 2004 05:26AM)
I think Candini is one of the best manipulators of all time.

Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Dec 9, 2004 02:25PM)
Too bad his entire act wasn't show here... his closing was PRICELESS... he produced a pipe and began to walk off, noticing a guy asleep in a chair had a NICER pipe... so Cardini "switched" them and left.

The whole act had a great sense of content.
Message: Posted by: Paul Chosse (Dec 9, 2004 02:40PM)
If you search for Cardini under my name you will find that I posted a complete description of his act, including methods, here about a year ago!

Best, PSC