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Topic: Manipulation Candles
Message: Posted by: magicofjohn (Jul 31, 2004 06:32PM)
I was looking at a set of manipulation candles, anyone have any advice- are they any good, worth buying, do they look good etc. I would be very greatful.

Message: Posted by: bojanbarisic (Aug 1, 2004 02:25AM)
What kind of candles you are looking for ?
Message: Posted by: mattisdx (Aug 1, 2004 12:10PM)
Fantasio ?
Message: Posted by: magicofjohn (Aug 1, 2004 12:48PM)
I have seen some candles on a website. It's a multiplying billard ball act but with candles. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with such a prop. I guessing it is like the Indian made billard ball idea where all are one, but as its open forum I won't go any further.
Message: Posted by: cheesewrestler (Aug 1, 2004 05:30PM)
You'll need well made ones to do the effect justice. Not the cheap kind. You might try Davenport's over there, or Owen Magic Supreme in California.
Message: Posted by: magicofjohn (Aug 1, 2004 05:44PM)
I've just never seen anyone use it so I though maybe it doesn't look so good or they are cheap but I'm not sure whether to buy them and put them in my classical routine.
Message: Posted by: kregg (Aug 1, 2004 07:16PM)
Lance Burton used them in his act circa 1980. I believe he used Owen Magic's set.

Message: Posted by: stephenbanning (Aug 1, 2004 09:03PM)
Hi John,

A lot of magicians used to get their pictures taken with them. They are very pretty. Some sets cannot be used without dim lighting and distance, i.e. stage. These can be altered so that the grip is not as sure, but are useable more close up. Still, distance isn't a bad idea to conceal gimmick, the nature of the "candles", the wicks, etc. I haven't seen any on sale in a while, but when I have seen them, they weren't exorbitant.

Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Aug 1, 2004 11:27PM)
Hi John:

Mephisto-Huis in Belgium is now making the Magic Hands multiplying candles. They are very well made and are the type where you go from one to four candles all in the same hand; you cannot transfer the candles from hand to hand like with the old Lloyd style. But, I think that's what you're after anyway.

I'm not sure what Mephisto-Huis website is, but I know they have one.

Message: Posted by: Philipp K (Aug 2, 2004 02:50AM)
Ron ,
if you ever find out the site , please let me know .
I have to talk about some upcoming things with Mephisto-Huis .

Cheers ,
Message: Posted by: magicofjohn (Aug 2, 2004 07:57AM)
Thanks for all your help, I have some on Owens, they look really nice, I can't find a price on them though. I have also seen some on Shaun Yee, don't know what they are like but they are about $40-50 and I have seen some on Daytona Magic that look cheaper but I am not sure what quality they are. Anymore advice would be appreciated, is there any video footage of them in use?
Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Aug 2, 2004 09:15AM)

I found the site. It is http://www.mephisto-magic.com

Message: Posted by: silking (Aug 8, 2004 07:45PM)
Stay away from the candles made in India. They are poor in quality and just plain BAD.

Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Aug 9, 2004 11:37AM)
I had a beautiful set of George Hammerton made candles (much like Morgan's Nesto Candles from Magic Inc. but taller) but the trick was so easy to do I felt guilty doing it and never put it into the act.

The Loyd-design (used by Fred Kaps) is now available from Owen Magic and I highly recommend this set. It takes some manipulative skill, but not too much, and is most deceptive and offers more variety in the moves.
Message: Posted by: bojanbarisic (Aug 9, 2004 02:20PM)
Sony from Belgrade makes some of the best candles. I have 5 of them and all of them are same size. You can order flame through silk (magnetic) candle which is much better then Kaps, Cooper version and candles for production and vanishes. They all look the same and are rather cheap ( ca. $ 20.00 ). I can send you his address and tel. number or you can ask Fantasio if he still has any from his last order.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Aug 9, 2004 04:45PM)
You have to e-mail or phone Owens to find out the price of most of their items. They do a run of an item, and then the next time they make it, they increase the cost slightly.

But their products are the highest quality, and you get what you pay for.
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Aug 9, 2004 09:35PM)
Tim Starr also made a very good set of the Lloyd style candles if you can find a set. I have a set but not really interested in part with them right now.

But they do take more work than the Morgan style to use. Practice over a bed or soft cloth until you get used to them to save the paint.