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Topic: Another question about back palming
Message: Posted by: stannmaple (Aug 1, 2004 11:25AM)
Do you think backpalming really looks amazing to an audience (I've only tried it on kids so far) A magician friend of mine starts out his closeup act by just tossing a card up and catching it a few times (like a boomerang) and then back palms it, and reproduces it a couple of times.) I liked it, but I'm a magician (the first time I saw his show though, I did not know the back palm) How do you think it looks to regular people? Do a lot of you use it in your acts? Thanks for any advice.
Message: Posted by: Uli Weigel (Aug 1, 2004 02:53PM)
Card manipulation is typical stage magic. Try to watch master manipulators like Lance Burton, Jeff McBride, Channing Pollock, Salvano or Cardini. Then you get an idea how first class card manipulation is supposed to look like. There is A LOT of work involved in such acts, more than most are willing to do.
Message: Posted by: Joe S. (Aug 1, 2004 02:57PM)
Great Palming looks amazing no matter who your audience is. Poor palming (due to lack of practice) impresses nobody.

The question is... are you willing to put in the work (in hand coordination, scripting, timing, etc.) in order to pull it off?

As for me, the answer is... nope.
Message: Posted by: mattisdx (Aug 1, 2004 04:32PM)
To kids it looks great, but if your trying to perform on the street, than it doesn't really work :(
Message: Posted by: Kevin Ram (Aug 1, 2004 05:58PM)
I don't agree.Check out jeff sheridan.

He is a street magician.

I think you mean close-up magic.Thats the thing, most are calling close-up magic on the street ,street magic.

Yes its magic on the street.But Real street magic is or used to be about earning money and drawing a crowd.

jeff sheridan is a real street magician.And he does back palm productions.

Walking up to someone and doing a trick is close up magic.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Aug 1, 2004 06:52PM)
I can't say that the backpalm stuff EVER impressed me as magical. I do recall being surprised at how many cards/coins could be put back there, and being surprised when I got the idea about split fans.

To be blunt, I recall that stuff as clever, and not ever magical.

I suspect the work does impress folks, and I doubt it registers as MAGICAL.
Message: Posted by: Kevin Ram (Aug 1, 2004 06:58PM)
I remember when I first bought the jeff McBride videos. I had been doing back palming a while but never seen anyone else do it.

There is a clip of McBride on a stage with the cards in a perfect production palm with the back of the hand toward the audiance. He does a pivot beautifully and shows empty hand then produces a fan.

That moment and his pose was very dramatic. It enhanced his magic. The presentation.

When I saw that I thought it was the most amazing and magical thing I had ever seen. And this is coming from someone who was doing backplaming and knew the method.

But I have also see manipulators producing cards and it doesn't seem magical.

Message: Posted by: stannmaple (Aug 1, 2004 09:47PM)
Thanks for all the help everyone. Jonathon, what is a "split fan"?
Message: Posted by: Dark (Aug 1, 2004 10:52PM)
Split fan is a technique to produce and discard multiple large fans of cards. When done correctly it looks like you've produce a whole deck (or more) of cards out of thin air.

I do a small amount of back palm stuff as a quick production of selected card or vanish. It can get quite a bit of reaction when done sparingly.

That being said, I think card manipulation can be quite angly and it requires a lot of work. You have to develop your muscle strength, speed, and coordination.

If you want to learn more, check out Jeff McBrides Card Manipulation Series. After practicing the pivot and split fan the first few days, my hand were so sore that I couldn't close them. lol :)
Message: Posted by: Partizan (Aug 1, 2004 11:12PM)
I use the back palm quite frequently to remove a card from sight. I mostly have a BP on my right hand with the deck in the palm to cover the corner flashes.
Or If I want to produce a card from silk as the production I use BP with the silk as cover.
I also tend to get into back palm with my arms in a standard standing deal/shuffle position. ie. hands just above waist level, slighly out from body.
I hardly ever back palm with my arms out like a stage peformer.
Message: Posted by: stannmaple (Aug 2, 2004 08:11AM)
Does Jeff McBride teach the split fan in his videos? Thanks again.
Message: Posted by: Jim Wilder (Aug 2, 2004 09:04AM)
There is a section on split fan producitons on Volume 2 of McBride's series.
Message: Posted by: stannmaple (Aug 2, 2004 12:49PM)
Thanks. I'll look into those tapes
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Aug 5, 2004 03:16AM)
Marlo wrote a book on card manipulation. It addressed a lot of the problems that are associated with back palming.

Sometimes card manipulation looks more like an athletic event than magic.
Message: Posted by: kregg (Aug 5, 2004 08:10AM)
Remember the saying; "You never get a second chance to make a first impression."?
Think back... were you impressed the first time you watched a magician pluck cards from the air? I was.
They're called effects for a reason.