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Topic: Hello. I need a classic effect.Bunny from hat.
Message: Posted by: unilogo (Aug 1, 2004 10:30PM)
I really want to learn the good old bunny from hat routine...... :)

I am dead serious ....

So my question is if anyone knows where I can buy the effect ... or if there is any gimmicks involved where I can get those?

Any help is as always Greatly Appreciated,

Thank You.
Message: Posted by: Andini (Aug 1, 2004 10:47PM)
Unilogo, check out Eric Paul's book, "The Successful Family Entertainer Vol. 1" He describes his way of producing a rabbit and you may find that it's just what you need!
Message: Posted by: TrickyRicky (Aug 2, 2004 05:17AM)
Go to Hank Lee site and search for "rabbit from a hat"
There is an excellent one there.
PM me and we'll talk, or email me before you do an order. trickyrickymagic@rogers.com
Richard Lyn
Message: Posted by: MarkTripp (Aug 2, 2004 05:33AM)
Tarbell does.

It is the one where you do the die box first, spectator takes the die out of the hat, then you get the rabbit.

You will have to work your tail off as this is not easy and is slight of hand not a prop.

However, if you do, you have a miracle.
Message: Posted by: Rupert Bair (Aug 2, 2004 07:42AM)
Mark Wilsons Complete courese in magic has it and Mr Trix the clown (who won childrens entertainer of the year 03, b'pool) now markets his bunny bags, and they are fantastic.
Message: Posted by: mattisdx (Aug 2, 2004 10:09AM)
What about a classic like cups and balls ?
Message: Posted by: Rupert Bair (Aug 2, 2004 11:24AM)
You cant fit a rabbit in to a cup as a final load...trust me!

Message: Posted by: Tyler_Magician (Aug 2, 2004 11:45AM)
There is no gimmick involved. I got a book from the library, Abracadabra. It teaches you that along with a lot of good useful stuff.
Message: Posted by: unilogo (Aug 2, 2004 02:39PM)
Thank you guys sooooo much!!!:)

Auctually yeah cups and balls is classic but I wanted to know this effect for some reasons;)
Message: Posted by: rikbrooks (Aug 2, 2004 03:18PM)
Matt, are you talking about the Alakazam hat or the bunny box in the Wilson Book?
Message: Posted by: harris (Aug 2, 2004 04:19PM)
I started loosing my "hare" years ago.

These days I produce Bob,"Think Rocky Raccoon Spring Puppet", with three large colorful scarves.....

I believe it was marketed "This and That" to produce
things like a champange bottle.

Message: Posted by: TrickyRicky (Aug 2, 2004 04:58PM)
Eric Sharp has the best rabbit from a hat. There are no steal from the back of the table nor from your person.
The hat is not faked or anything like that,you can actually do this surrounded. I've done this many times with spectators to the sides.
Really the best.
Richard Lyn
Message: Posted by: Regan (Aug 2, 2004 05:14PM)
Where can I find out more about the Eric Sharpe version?

Message: Posted by: TrickyRicky (Aug 2, 2004 07:22PM)
On 2004-08-02 18:14, Mister Mystery wrote:
Where can I find out more about the Eric Sharpe version?

Contact me by email trickyrickymagic@rogers.com
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Aug 10, 2004 01:12AM)
Me too please, googled it and found nothing.
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Aug 10, 2004 06:27AM)
Eric Sharp has several books:
[*] Eric Sharp's Specialized Hat Productions & Comedy Magic Sketches edited by Brian Sharp (1985)
[*] Eric Sharp's Specialized Children's Routines with Funny Patter and Situation Comedy Utilising Standard Props Edited by Brian Sharp (1984 reprinted 1994)
[*] Laughs Galore! Eric Sharp's Super Collection of Jokes for Adults and Children Soe Old Some New None 'blue' Edited by Muriel Sharp
Eric Sharp also has Three videos in PAL format which cost me two hundreds to convert to USA Standard plus the cost of the original tapes and shipping. The video quality after conversion was very poor and difficult to view.[list][b]
[*] Eric Sharp's Routines
[*] Eric Sharp's Kid shows
[*] Eric Sharp's Hat Productions

The address in his books is E&M Sharp Entertainments 'Abracadabra' Pontyclum, Mid-Glamorgan, South Wale, U.K. 0443 225443

I spent time trying to make sure all this information is spelled correctly because it was very difficult finding it search using "Eric Sharp Specialised"

Now here is that most difficult site: [url=http://www.bookschildrensmagic.co.uk/][b]Eric Sharp's Magic Books[/b][/url] but he doesn't have his Hat productions book listed so email him. [email]eric.sharp@tesco.net[/email]

His Hat Production Book is what you are looking for. It has numerous ways of production. If you are going to go this route, you will need a fully grown dwarf rabbit (fully grown because some are to big, so see their size first)

Eric Sharp book has the plans for making a bunny bag.

In addition, if you want another common method, Lance Burton has a DVD called "Secrets of Magic" where he produces a chicken from the hat. His method is a standard steal method and worthy of learning. A larger rabbit can be produced using this method.

I hope this information helps.
Message: Posted by: PROFED (Aug 10, 2004 07:53AM)
Eric Sharp's books are a terrific resource you may find them at his website: http://www.bookschildrensmagic.co.uk.