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Topic: Sub Trunk
Message: Posted by: Tyler_Magician (Aug 2, 2004 06:56PM)
I was wanting to build a sub trunk. Are they gimmicked in any way? Thanks,
Message: Posted by: M-Illusion (Aug 2, 2004 09:44PM)
Generally speaking, if you want it to work, they tend to be. There is a book available on the illusion that Abbott's carries, Paul Osborne has a wonderful blueprint of it, and countless dealers / illusion builders put out wonderful trunks. (I am partial to Chalet.)
Message: Posted by: The Mirror Images (Aug 2, 2004 09:50PM)
I think a lot of illusions have some type of gimmick to them. Just learn the basics and you are set. But when it comes to building this prop you want to make sure you build it right...with the right hardware. I found that the Osborne failed in giving adequate directions on the hardware to use. I came up with a way to make it still work. But it took a long time to go through a major hardware store. Best of luck. And yes, it is gimmick. But how....that is why you have to buy the books. Still, Paul Osborne's are the best.

Best of luck