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Topic: Small Illusion Plans...
Message: Posted by: hagemagic (Aug 2, 2004 07:44PM)
Where can I purchase plans for small illusions like a mirror box, square circle, circus wagon type/size effects? I'd like to build some things on my own but want to start small.
Message: Posted by: Evan Williams (Aug 2, 2004 07:57PM)
Some of the best plans on the market are from Paul Osborne. You can get them from him at his website, http://www.osborneillusionsystems.com/

Message: Posted by: MagicalPirate (Aug 2, 2004 11:03PM)
If you pick out one of these that you want to do and ask you should get plenty of answers here on this forum. I have never seen plans or a book covering these props that you have listed. If you already know how these work and you are handy in the workshop it should be pretty easy to draw out your own plans for these props.

Martin :pirate:
Message: Posted by: Evan Williams (Aug 3, 2004 09:38AM)
Oops, my mistake, I misread what type of props you are interested in building. I agree that asking here at the Café would be one way to find out more information. I found a set of small manuscripts on Ebay a while back that had a section where it described a number of effects (such as the ones you listed). It also had basic plans to build a few of them. I don't remember the name or author of these offhand; I'll have to check up on it.

Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Aug 3, 2004 01:24PM)
Abbotts has some individual plans to smaller illusions.

Also, in the book, "The New Make-Up of Magic" (earlier known as "The Make-Up of Magic"), by Micky Hades, you will find some plans for smaller illusions, magic tricks, su-tables, etc.

I don't think the illusions / tricks you mentioned are specifically in Micky's book, but my memory of the contents is a little vague just now.

- Donald.
Message: Posted by: hagemagic (Aug 3, 2004 05:49PM)
It's not important that the specific ones I mention are included, it would probably be better if they are not. I referenced these few just to give you an idea of the size I'm looking at. Thanks for all the help you guys.
Message: Posted by: constantine (Aug 6, 2004 10:27AM)
Paul Osburne put out pans for five or six small effects,such as ABC blocks. Thay are not in his current catalog, but do show up on magic auction sites. I would love to see someone put out a series on building magic and accesories, for woodworkers, in the format of Wood Magazine. I'd like to turn my own Blue Phantoms and Morris Pillboxes. Just a wish.
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Aug 6, 2004 01:50PM)
Hi Chris...thanks for posting what I've trying to remember to post!

Me too...especially the Wood stuff. Not good at metal.

Still trying to find plans for the Grant (style) French Guillotine but also want some small stuff too.

I don't want to buy books that only feature a few pages of the things either...looks like somebody here could get drawing and writing and come up with a winner!

Message: Posted by: tropicalpenguin (Aug 10, 2004 04:37PM)
How much cheaper is it if you build an illusion yourself rather than buying it from the manufacturer?
Message: Posted by: ricker (Aug 10, 2004 05:54PM)
Depends on how many tools you have, your woodworking skills and how much you value your time at.

For me, it's a labor of love, so I don't charge myself for the time, and continue to expand my woodoworking skills.

But I only build for myself.
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Aug 10, 2004 08:48PM)
Here's an older thread that might be of interest:

[url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=709&forum=26]Where to find plans for classic props?[/url]

- Donald.
Message: Posted by: MagicalPirate (Aug 11, 2004 04:24PM)
There was an old book out on this subject, however, I don't know if it is still in print. It's called Let's Make Magic by Gordon M. Howatt and presents a number of small items to build for your show. These are not plans for standard props but props that he has designed. It has some great ideas and props in it and would be worth hunting down a copy of. I just did the hunting for you and it appears to still be available through Magic Inc. and here is that all important link:


Martin :pirate: