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Topic: Coin funnel routine
Message: Posted by: Brian Morgan (Aug 4, 2004 10:25AM)
I am looking for the routine or a source for a routine using the coin funnel. I lost it and if need be you can PM me. Thanks for the help guys.
Message: Posted by: Chris "linkster" Watson (Aug 4, 2004 10:49AM)
Try David Roth Expert Coin Magic or Doug Brewer Unexpected Visitor. I assume this is for coin in bottle?
Message: Posted by: Brian Morgan (Aug 4, 2004 11:07AM)
No this is a little silver cylinder about 4 inches long. It is two pieces and screws together in the middle. Where it comes together there is room for a half. It is usually done showing how a coin or ring can pass thru another solid object such as a coin.
Message: Posted by: Jim Wilder (Aug 4, 2004 11:20AM)
I know what you are talking about, but can not recall the name of the item. I do know that Hank Lee has this item. You may try calling them and explaining the effect as a search might take a while.
Message: Posted by: Hardi (Aug 5, 2004 03:28PM)
Look for "David Roth´s EXPERT COIN MAGIC" by Richard Kaufman page 310:
"The Funnel".