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Topic: Want to start doing Dove magic, what should I get?
Message: Posted by: Jkta99 (Aug 7, 2004 11:42PM)
I have no materials or anything to perform this sort of effect. What videos/books should I get? Also what pockets/bags should I get? I know that one effect that I want to be able to do is A dove from a silk, what would I need to do this?


Message: Posted by: mysticalmike (Aug 8, 2004 12:22PM)

Tony Clark has the best ones from what I hear I think it's called unmasked.

Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Aug 8, 2004 02:13PM)
James, the first step in starting out in Dove magic is to be sure you have the time to train, practice and take care of them. Here are a few of the necessities before you start a dove act.

cage protectors
mite and lice spray
quik stop for bleeding nails
At least an hour per day per bird for training.

Cages must be kept clean at all times with fresh water and seed.

Doves coo so be sure you are willing to put up with the constant noise. Feathers fly so you'll be cleaning all the time.

If you are still interested in working with doves, then there are several good reference books and videos to invest in.

Tony Clark
Andy Amyx
Amos Levkovitch
Encyclopedia of Dove Magic

All of these are great and should be read or viewed before you buy a dove.
Message: Posted by: Rupert Bair (Aug 9, 2004 09:16AM)
Dave what do you think of Shimada?
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Aug 9, 2004 12:35PM)
Matt, if you mean his act, then I think he's great. Smooth, and effortless in execution. One of the masters of dove work. If you mean his video in relationship to this topic, it's not in the same class as the others. His video is great for effects and how to accomplish them but doesn't go into detail on requirements, training etc. like the others.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Aug 9, 2004 10:36PM)

Good to see you on The Café. I lost you for a while.

There are two very good Shimada videos for dove workers. They are strickly for stage shows and certainly not for those who can't put months into perfecting their acts.

Shimada has always been one of the best dove workers in the business. I would be delighted if people got us confused! Unfortunately they know better.

Enjoy your doves!

Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: Jkta99 (Aug 10, 2004 06:55AM)
Of the places listed which would be the best for me to get so that I could learn all the basic moves and some effects and where is the best place to get them?
Message: Posted by: VoidedHider (Aug 14, 2004 10:22AM)
I am also interested in this, could anyone with any info on doves in the UK please get in contact with me