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Topic: Candles by Michael P. Lair
Message: Posted by: Kevin Vu (Aug 12, 2004 02:24AM)

I didn't want to post this on Videos,books and music. Didn't seem right asking this question.
If you have watched this instructional tape before THIS IS A QUESTION FOR YOU =)

The last routine he does anyone know the backround music?
IT's DRIVING ME CRAZY. I've heard it before. Or maybe its just me watching the video a bunch of times. But anyways If anyone knows the artist or title of the song. I'll bow down to your feet and say OOOOOBAAH to you =)

Thanks agian!

Kevin Vu

P.S. woah my postings are useless to everyone else haah
Message: Posted by: Carron (Aug 20, 2004 01:47PM)
Why not try in the FX forum just near to this one on the forum index