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Topic: Miniature Card Effects
Message: Posted by: Nicodemus (Aug 15, 2004 12:02AM)
Does anyone use miniature cards and if so what kind of effects do you do with them ?

Anyone try and signed card effect of some kind with these miniature cards ?
Message: Posted by: EvanSparts (Aug 15, 2004 12:25AM)
I use mini cards in my wallet for kollosal killer.
Message: Posted by: joseph (Aug 15, 2004 06:18AM)
Martin Lewis has a good full deck in glass, and Paul Harris' Bizarre Vanish is excellent....
Message: Posted by: andre combrinck (Aug 15, 2004 09:05AM)
Bizarre Shrink, is what I suppose Joseph is refering to.This is an excellent effect.Magic Ranch by Tommy Wonder also comes to mind.Although none of these effects use signing you should check them out,they are very good.
Message: Posted by: joseph (Aug 15, 2004 09:28AM)
Oops, yes, that's the one. I also heard good things about Fusion Card by Henry Evans......
Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (Aug 15, 2004 01:09PM)
I like to use them for a little manipulating. You know, really small fans and cuts...
Message: Posted by: cardguy (Aug 15, 2004 01:25PM)
Check out Don England's work in Paradox. He has a whole chapter devoted to shrinking card and shrinking deck routines. All are very visual and and quite novel.
Message: Posted by: I Cast No Shadow (Aug 15, 2004 03:01PM)
Lance Burton does a nice card routine that makes use of mini cards. You can see it on the Lance Burton DVD from amazon.com, check it out at http://tinyurl.com/5e32g

It doesn't teach the stuff, but it demonstrates it which should be enough to get you started. The rest of the material on that dvd makes it well worth owning as well.
Message: Posted by: Boat (Aug 16, 2004 10:03PM)
There is a trick on Hank Lee's site with a trick called Three and a half card monte. It utilizes two normal size cards and a mini card. And you have to keep track of the little card. It looks good.
Message: Posted by: DADE (Aug 17, 2004 07:41AM)
Bizarre Shrink in the Art of Astonishment is amazing,i use it all the time!!.Although a bit fidgity, it is well worth a look.
A quick visual effect that kills "em".

Just my thoughts
Message: Posted by: Caliban (Aug 17, 2004 08:26AM)
During Decemeber I often see minature packs of cards on the tables at close-up gigs, as they have them in Chrsitmas crackers. When I see them on a table I usually do card to wallet using the pack.

Another efect with minature cards that springs to mind is Jay Sankey's "Stick it in Your Ear!" from The Collected Almanac.
Message: Posted by: Rennie (Aug 17, 2004 08:35AM)
Buy the book Miniature Mysteries with Cards by Barbi Walker, deals entirely with mini decks. Byron Walker should have have copies available or know where some are.
Message: Posted by: John Pezzullo (Aug 17, 2004 08:44AM)
Roy Walton's 'Grown Up Hofzinser' [originally published in "That Certain Something" and then later published in "The Complete Walton - Volume One"] uses a normal size deck and four jumbo cards. With a bit of thought this effect can be reworked and 'scaled down' to incorporate miniature cards and normal size cards.

Simon Lovell published an effect along similar lines in "Simon Says". The title of Simon Lovell's effect is 'The Lemming Ace Exchange'.
Message: Posted by: Paul Chosse (Aug 17, 2004 10:37AM)
J.B. Bobo marketed an effect called "Imagine that...", or "Just Imagine..." or something like it. Basically, an ID routine with a miniature ID and a good presentation.

Ron Bauer has a revelation that uses a miniature card as the set-up for the payoff. It is the ending to his marketed effect "The Chick Trick", which also appeared in the New Tops as "The Hoppy", and can be downloaded for free from his website.

How about Hamman's "Micro-Macro"? Shrinking and expanding cards that looks spectacular in any of it's many incarnations...

Tommy Wonder marketed a trick (can't remember the name) where a normal deck is forced into a miniature card box. Again, a great looking effect...

I'm sure there are more, but these come to mind immediately.

Best, PSC
Message: Posted by: JJP161 (Aug 17, 2004 12:03PM)
I have to second joseph's recommendation for Martin Lewis's Miniature Card Rise from Martin's Miracles. It's an incredible effect. Looks completely amazing.

Message: Posted by: Mike Powers (Aug 17, 2004 12:05PM)
There's a nice item on my website called "The amBIGuous Card" that uses a mini card in an interesting way. Check out:

http://www.mallofmagic.com/videos.htm under "The amBIGuous Card"

Message: Posted by: Nicodemus (Aug 17, 2004 01:31PM)
Thak you for all the suggestions and references.

Kind of what I am going for is something like Bert Alerton's 'Aspirin Tin' routine that Eugene Berger put out mixed with Bob Kohlers 'Black Envelope' ideas.

Some way to use a Mini card and an envelope to use as a memento or give-away ? I wanted to start and finish with the Mini deck so I can show them " a little card trick ".
Please keep the ideas flowing !
Message: Posted by: Zedd (Aug 18, 2004 01:47PM)
I do a Douglas Brewer effect from his ingenious book 'High impact card magic'!!!!!
Message: Posted by: Mito (Aug 19, 2004 08:31AM)
Yes, Mike Powers, you have some great stuff!

I saw Akira Fujii on tv last night using a miniature ID. Of course the final effect is the same, but with a miniature, there are so many possibilities for the APPEARANCE of the deck, since it is much more easily palmed.
In this case, he began with basically the standard presentation and patter of the ID.
The boxed deck was palmed from the pocket, and a lit cigarette was picked up from an ashtray with the same hand. The cig was touched to a piece of flash cotton, as the deck was dropped to the table.
Very magical to a layman, I think.

also there's a trick posted here:
Message: Posted by: DVA (Aug 19, 2004 08:51AM)
Kostya Kimlat had a cool routine that I think used a minature card. Something about Pandoras box...
I'll look for it and post it.
Message: Posted by: Nicodemus (Aug 19, 2004 12:05PM)
Zedd: What is the result of the "Douglas Brewer effect" ? Can you describe it a bit ?

DVA: Can you Please describe the Kostya Kimlat routine a bit also ?

TIA - Nicodemus
Message: Posted by: Great Domino (Aug 19, 2004 12:57PM)
I use them for David Regal's "Lucky Seven".
Message: Posted by: Fayaad Manie (Aug 20, 2004 04:30AM)
How about Jay Sankey's effect 'Parallel worlds'. It uses minitare cards in an interesting way.
Message: Posted by: Zedd (Aug 20, 2004 05:02AM)
The 'Brewer-Effect':
Spectator takes a card out of the Mini-Deck. The Perormer takes three Jokers out of a 'normal' deck and the Spectator chooses one of the three - and "of course" it changes to the same card out of the Mini-deck!!
A GREAT effect, but you have to use a memorized deck!
Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Aug 26, 2004 04:31AM)
I devised a trick that used a regular deck and a single mini card so that the mini card could be given away at the end. It turned out to be a good effect for the birthday person at a table, for instance. Basically, a regular card is chosen from a regular deck. The entire deck shrinks to miniature (so the the magician can look over all the cards more easily) one mini card is removed, and the deck re-enlarged. As I said, it does not use the small deck, just one card.

It's in "Deceptions in Paradise" by Jerry Mentzer, which is virtually out of print, (that only took 8 years, sheesh) although you can find it around if you look.

Along similar lines is "The Bantam Weight Card" from Roger Klause in Concert. And something by Richard Kaufman in one of the symposium books. These are all very practical and surprisingly effective.

And, in another, more commercial thread, you'll find a description of what I consider the only mini card effect that isn't "cute". The Rat Pack, done with a mini deck. See http://www.themagicbakery.com.

Paul, I think that terrific Tommy Wonder effect is called "Squeeze".
Message: Posted by: Mike Powers (Aug 27, 2004 08:20AM)
There's a routine of mine in Paul Harris' A Close Up Kinda Guy called "Mike's Dwarf." A "normal" deck shrinks to a mini. It's very easy and effective.

Message: Posted by: Bananafish (Aug 27, 2004 08:29AM)
Michael Close has a routine called "The Lie Detector" on his Worker series of DVD's that is (IMO) a real killer. It incidentally culminates in the use of a well placed minature card.

And in case you are interested, these set DVD's are a some of the best value for money DVD's I have. They are absolutely packed with really strong magic...
Message: Posted by: Nicodemus (Aug 27, 2004 08:59AM)
Curtis: What is the latest shipping info for The Rat Pack ? And how many times have you been whacked in attempting this stunt ? ;-}

Message: Posted by: Julie (Aug 27, 2004 12:51PM)
If you like to search through"olde" manuscripts, "Miniature Card Magic" by "Hen" Fetsch with additions by Lloyd E. Jones (copyright 1943) has several ideas.
Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Aug 27, 2004 10:24PM)
Nico, that info is classified. Not available here, but all revealed through the DVD thread over at the "Good, Bad and Garbage".

I will assure you that when I was whacked, it was before the "Palms of Steel" DVD's were shot. So no permanent damage, at least, not to me.
Message: Posted by: Bball5630 (Aug 27, 2004 10:31PM)
David Regal's Lucky Seven on the Hit the Road DVD.
Message: Posted by: doowopper (Aug 28, 2004 03:44AM)
Sometimes I use a mini deck for any routine I typically do with a regular deck. So far I have used it only in casual situations for family and friends. At first I thought people would get turned off by a mini deck or assume the cards are easier to manipulate than a regular deck. I was surprised to discover that most people often are intrigued and interested in seeing magic with a mini deck and assume it is harder to do magic with a mini deck than a regular deck.
Message: Posted by: MischiefMagicX (Aug 31, 2004 08:31PM)
This isn't a trick, its just a gag, but I saw the Amazing Jonathan do it. You pick a mini card and show it around, then he says "okay now put it back in the deck" and you go to put it back in a regular sized pack (gets a laugh) then you shuffle the deck and proceed to find it. You look through the normal sized cards...no, no, no, no....get to the small one...pause....then throw it to the side and shake your head. Pretty funny stuff.

*NOTE: Jonathan uses a regular sized card and a jumbo deck.*
Message: Posted by: JSBLOOM (Nov 6, 2004 02:19PM)
I have had very good luck with parallel worlds by Sankey.
The idea bove seems funny.
Might be a good idea to force the mini card to match you Svengali deck then after numerous attempts show your Svengali matches :)
Message: Posted by: Roger Kelly (Nov 6, 2004 04:49PM)
What about a mini Invisible Deck.? Jerry O'Connell sells one in a made-to-measure leather case! You could 'appear' it as someone hands you back the "Invisible" deck that they have just reversed a card in!
Message: Posted by: MerlH (Nov 7, 2004 07:52AM)
Make up an invisible deck from mini bicycles you can buy at any store like K-mart. They are easy to carry in your pocket for an imprompto performace.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Nov 7, 2004 10:14AM)
On 2004-08-17 09:35, Rennie wrote:
Buy the book Miniature Mysteries with Cards by Barbi Walker, deals entirely with mini decks. Byron Walker should have have copies available or know where some are.


This is a great reference book (if you can find it) because it is a compilation of effects from many different sources. The list of "contributors" reads like a Who's Who from Magic's past golden creative era.
Message: Posted by: JSBLOOM (Nov 7, 2004 02:34PM)
KMART sells mini decks?
Message: Posted by: magicman03 (Nov 12, 2004 09:49PM)
How does Jay sankeys effect where a folded card is located in a miniature deck, and a mini card is found in a normal deck, work for everyone?
Message: Posted by: Ryan 101 (Nov 14, 2004 01:12PM)
Diminish and Return is a good trick with small cards.
Message: Posted by: marcjh (Nov 29, 2004 04:42PM)
Mike Borenstein had an effect where a bill changes into a minature card case that is opened to reveal that a mentally selected card is reversed in the miniature deck.
Message: Posted by: dogwood86 (Nov 29, 2004 05:15PM)
Chuck Fayne has a bit of work with this, including an effect in which the spectator selects and signs a card and it shrinks, quite clever, sounds better in a dealers add, haven't tried it.

Message: Posted by: Chad Long (Jun 5, 2005 08:30AM)
I use to do a thing from David Regal all the time. It's called Small Thinker and is in Star Quality by Harry Lorayne. It's a cool and easy shrinking deck routine.

Message: Posted by: JSBLOOM (Jun 5, 2005 07:20PM)
The effect is KILLER.
It is so simple to do also.
Definetly get the Sankey DVD to learn it and the patter.
I am working on amethod where card case is inspected after cards are removed and spectator can peek in case to actualy see a card inside and even close the flap.
MSgt B
Message: Posted by: dam0n (Jul 27, 2005 01:48AM)
Question...so far from what I've read..Mini decks/black mini decks aren't air cushioned?

Anyone tried farrowing them before?

It'd be helpfull to learn what are some of the common sleights that are "do-able" with a mini deck...
Message: Posted by: funny_gecko (Jul 27, 2005 01:23PM)
LOL you could probably do an erdnase shift with two fingers... IT would be funny to see someone do a HOT SHOT cut.
Message: Posted by: Chris Miller (Jul 27, 2005 01:45PM)
I use a mini-deck as a lead-in to my magician's insurance policy when performing for kids. I pick a volunteer and have them stay in the audience at first. I grab the small deck, fan it a little and ask the volunteer if they can see each card OK. The volunteer usually shouts "No" (There are ways around if they don't), and so I say, "oops, I forgot, here you need to put these on" and I toss a wrapped bundle to the volunteer. In the package is a giant clown pair of sunglasses. The misdirection is huge. As soon as the glasses are on, I hold up the jumbo deck I have switched-to and ask "How does it look now?". This is so simple, but gets giggles and gasps. Then we go on to the insurance policy.

Message: Posted by: Charlie Justice (Jul 27, 2005 03:25PM)
At the end of the Paul Harris effect, Immaculate Connection, I am left holding 3 loops of cards, which I just handed out for examination. While the spectators were examining them, I finger palmed 3 duplicate minis folded in half (yes, I force one of the 3 used in the routine, and a 1 out of 3 classic force is wonderfully satisfying). Upon retrieving the loops, I fold them in quarters and the size is then equal to the folded minis, which are switched out via any number of ways. I now close the routine by making a 'magical gesture' over the minis in my closed fist (which they assume are the folded loops) and reveal the restoration in mini fashion. I state that if I do this effect enough times I'll have enough cards to make a mini deck.

I got tired of laughing off the frequent request to restore the loops at the end. That was an all too common 'problem' for me and the IC ending so this was my solution and the only way I end IC.