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Topic: I have a problem... HELP
Message: Posted by: chrisM (Aug 29, 2004 09:51PM)
Ok first off LOL this is gonna sound funny.
When I do tricks for people at school a lot of time word gets out that I do tricks and I get a lot of people coming to me and asking me to do tricks.
Heres the situation:
I do a trick for one person in a groups of 5 or 6... after the trick the others want me to do that same trick to them. I personally don't like it cause they know whats coming.. and they look to closely.. what do I do to get out of that? what do I say?

Also sometimes 2 or 3 people will come up to me and 1 of the 3 will have seen the trick that they are all asking me to do... now heres the funny part... a lot of times I will say" Ya, I have no idea what trick your talking about". Then they explain and I say "I don't know that one" Obviously Im lying to people. I need help on how to get out of this situation.
Message: Posted by: Shane Wiker (Aug 29, 2004 10:04PM)
This has been discussed many times on The Magic Café.

The most common response seems to be, "If you liked that one, you'll like this one even more."

Do a search for more answers.

Shane Wiker
Message: Posted by: Pants99 (Aug 29, 2004 10:17PM)
Tell the ones who have seen it already to leave!!!! LOL... just kidding.

That is one of the main reasons I don't do FX for people too often. So I think I will continue studying magic 'til I got a killer arsenal to blow them away each time.

Plus my hands start to shake bad!!!
Message: Posted by: Shade (Aug 29, 2004 10:39PM)
Seems you need to study up on how to control your audiences. You shouldn't be afraid of them. You are the magician. You do what you want. You tell them you'll show them later. Or pull out another one. If they ask to see a certain why. say "Why, this one is better."
Message: Posted by: Jordini (Aug 29, 2004 11:14PM)
I just tell them I'm sampling my magic for them, and I only repeat tricks for paying shows.
Message: Posted by: chrisrkline (Aug 29, 2004 11:15PM)
Sometimes the most important skill is just to learn to say no, with a smile. You don't have to be cutsey, unless you want to be, but don't be forced into performing when you don't want to.
Message: Posted by: chrisM (Aug 29, 2004 11:50PM)
Thanks guys for all helpful information. I will try and use these sayings in my situations and see how they work for me.
Message: Posted by: dynamiteassasin (Aug 30, 2004 12:01AM)
It's better to have a long list so you won't run out of what to perform.. :)
Message: Posted by: MischiefMagicX (Aug 31, 2004 08:20PM)
Yeah shane has a good point. You could always say something like "ok here's something with the same idea..." even if its totally different. I use that line all the time and no one protests.
Message: Posted by: Open Traveller (Aug 31, 2004 09:33PM)
If you have a wide foundation in the principles of magic, you could theoretically perform for quite some time without seeming repetitive or formulaic. In essence, you can "make it up as you go." Part of the secret of learning how to do this is to study as much magic as you can and learn what makes tricks work (as opposed to only the workings of the tricks). If you know "what makes tricks work," then you can make them work almost any time, almost any place. You can do something that's LIKE what they've seen a minute ago and twist it at the end. You can throw in surprises and little in-between plots to keep things moving and interesting.

Most of all, it's not about the tricks anyway...it's about engaging the people. If you can learn to do that well, it really doesn't matter if you do something they think they've seen already...
Message: Posted by: Mark Williams (Sep 1, 2004 11:00PM)
ChrisM-- Just take a look at my signature slogan amd use that!! :D
Message: Posted by: aznviet6uy (Sep 2, 2004 01:16AM)
Repeat the trick and end difrently

Message: Posted by: Daniel Santos (Sep 2, 2004 08:19PM)
Kolossal Killer is the same card from wallet which can play very well if you take a few minutes to think of some patter. Any card, and I think that the "Off By One" ending usually gets a better reaction.
Message: Posted by: John McLaughlin (Sep 18, 2004 08:45PM)
Another alternative would be to master several different methods of accomplishing the same effect.
Message: Posted by: teejay (Sep 19, 2004 03:32AM)
You sound like a non-pro showing tricks to a 'friendly' audience Surely this is a golden opportunity with lots of people asking you to show them tricks
Stay on top of the situation using the advice given above
You have an excellent training situation there use it and make sure you don't lose it
Only a top pro can refuse to 'do a trick'
Others value the experience of a live audience
If you don't want to 'do tricks' become a golfer
Message: Posted by: ivan7 (Sep 19, 2004 03:15PM)
I'm not a top pro, and I refuse to "do a trick" lots of times. If the time is right and someone asks me to do something that fits the moment, Ill show them.

I cant be bothered showing my magic to just anyone at anytime. I respect my magic and myself too much to become the "do a trick now magic monkey man". All that does is belittle magic and makes it something that you can obtain on demand, not something more valuable and important (it turns it into cheap "fast-food" style magic).
Message: Posted by: teejay (Sep 20, 2004 04:27AM)
No criticism intended
It's just that I am envious of your situation
I can execute a bottom deal 100% in the house but in front of people I can fumble at times
I would love lots of people to ask me to do 'tricks'
This would be perfect for me to get the experience that I feel I need AND,better still, putting PRESSURE on me to improve

The iron ore, in the furnace,
Thinks it is cruelly treated.
The steel sword, looking back,
Knows better.
(How is that for profundity? ROTFL)
Message: Posted by: ivan7 (Sep 20, 2004 04:24PM)
Why not go out and find people to perform for. that's a good way to get experience. Go to the local hospital/vetrans group and do some magic for them. Since you're there to show them magic, show them magic. don't let yourself become the looser who does tricks whenever someone asks him to "show us something".
Message: Posted by: Lee Darrow (Sep 25, 2004 11:51PM)
If you are doing cards, get a copy of J.G. Thompson's "The Living End." Over 200 finishes for card routines, based on what you know about the card - location, identity, etc.

Also, a copy of the Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic by Martin Gardener is essential.

Lee Darrow, C.H.
Message: Posted by: Paddy (Sep 26, 2004 09:16AM)
On 2004-08-29 22:51, chrisM wrote:
Ok first off LOL this is gonna sound funny.
When I do tricks for people at school a lot of time word gets out that I do tricks and I get a lot of people coming to me and asking me to do tricks.[/quote]

The key words are "AT SCHOOL" if this is NOT a college level school that you are in, then my question is: is it appropriate to do magic there or will you be disrupting the study hall?
Message: Posted by: Nick-V. (Dec 14, 2006 07:17PM)
Yeah, I agree with Shane's advice.
Keep a steady flow going.