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Topic: Jerry's EPOPCF Promo here!
Message: Posted by: phantomace (Aug 31, 2004 10:12PM)
[url=http://www.xtremehandz.com/catalog/item/1177533/822331.htm]Jerry's EPOPCF Promo here[/url].

Click on "Watch the Promo now"

Jerry's DVD promo has been officially released on the xtremehandz.com site and is for pre-order.

I just read in a newsletter that the pre-orders will end soon and those people could get an early copy of the DVD. The official release date is the 15th of September.

The Promo is :kidding: :kidding: :kidding: :wow:

Message: Posted by: DiamondDual (Aug 31, 2004 10:59PM)
This was one of the craziest videos I've seen of Jerry. It is definately mind boggling of how many flourishes were shown and mastered in the Companion DVD Promo Video.

That's awesome that I preordered already.

Message: Posted by: sc_wizard29 (Sep 1, 2004 02:10AM)
The armspread sequence was awesome !!!
Message: Posted by: dynamiteassasin (Sep 1, 2004 07:39AM)
Oh my! This video seems nice! :) I like the twirl fans and the big fans. And he revolutionized the Charlier Cut, it looks really good in his hands..

I'm getting one.. :)
Message: Posted by: in flames (Sep 1, 2004 08:10AM)
Jerry is the man. I just ordered! Does anyone know if we'll have special access to a forum like we did with CTG?
Message: Posted by: Rcitgo (Sep 2, 2004 03:57AM)
I orderd just now too.This dvd with my encyclopedia will be a potent combonation!
Message: Posted by: phantomace (Sep 3, 2004 01:24AM)
Man, just watched it again. Jerry RULES!

This will probably be the best DVD of the year!

Message: Posted by: Josh Allens (Sep 3, 2004 07:35PM)
Wow, That was just amazing. Im going to have to preorder it!!!
Message: Posted by: Stimuli (Sep 5, 2004 05:21PM)
I just pre-ordered my copy. Jerry is absolutely disgusting with the card skills (that's a compliment) I've already got his book and I can't wait for this DVD to arrive it looks sick.
Message: Posted by: fingerjack (Sep 6, 2004 05:48PM)
Great, but for God sake Jerry, SMILE! You have the look of a man attending the funeral of a loved one. I mean, it doesn't have to be that glitzy, "Gee, look how good I am and I use tooth whitener," type smile, but it gave me the impression he was ****ed off to have such great talent. Oh well, I'll be odering anyway. Just my opinion from someone trying to look at the brighter side of life (insert whistle here). Don't get me wrong, I love his book and his work, I would just be smiling if I could do have the stuff he can.
Message: Posted by: phantomace (Sep 6, 2004 07:17PM)
Please. He's not a magician trying to cheese the audience.lol He's performing some of the most technical things you can do with playing cards. Have you seen the Olympics? I don't see them smiling inbetween their heats or gymnastics. They are very serious about what they do and give it all their concentration. I'm glad Jerry didn't cheese up, and was conentrating on his routine.

Message: Posted by: fingerjack (Sep 7, 2004 04:25PM)
Yada yada yada. I would love to see the day where Phantomace agrees with someone or something other than himself (or understand that others may have an opinion). Yes, I watched the Olympics (where they are on LIVE TV performing for MILLIONS of people and REPRESENTING their entire country), and I'll be darned, I did see some people smile, they must be loser cheesey magicians. Your anology to the Olympics is as out of place as you are to a magic forum. I love Jerry's work and his book. I don't know why I bother posting my thoughts knowing that that you would have something negative to say. Gee, and since when is smiling cheesy? (please don't answer, the question was metaphorical, but if you would like to eat your words please turn to the next to last page of EOPCF). I was simply making a personal observation, and people wonder why not many people bother posting here.

Iím not trying to start trouble; I just wonder why Phantomace talks down to everybody in such a condescending tone. Typing lol in between his mean spirited, holier than art thou statements doesnít take the sting out of the uncalled things he says. I made a humorous observation, thatís it. . . I wonít bother any more. If your goal was to keep people away from this part of the forums, you win. Aufwiedersehen.
Message: Posted by: GrumpyOwl (Sep 7, 2004 05:36PM)
On 2004-09-07 17:25, fingerjack wrote:
I would love to see the day where Phantomace agrees with someone or something other than himself (or understand that others may have an opinion).

Gee, and since when is smiling cheesy?

There are loads of posts here where Phantom agrees with people.

As for since when smiling cheesy, I never smile, there is nothing to smile about.
Message: Posted by: CLJ (Sep 7, 2004 09:16PM)
On 2004-09-07 18:36, GrumpyOwl wrote:
On 2004-09-07 17:25, fingerjack wrote:
I would love to see the day where Phantomace agrees with someone or something other than himself (or understand that others may have an opinion).

Gee, and since when is smiling cheesy?

There are loads of posts here where Phantom agrees with people.

As for since when smiling cheesy, I never smile, there is nothing to smile about.{quote]

Phantom only agrees with people that share the same opinion as him. If they don't, he HAS to voice out his thoughts in some rude way. I don't understand how this is "promoting" XM.

And the part about smiling... give me a break.
Message: Posted by: Alienist (Sep 7, 2004 11:43PM)
Jerry rules, this demo is not like any others. Congratulations Jerry, you made it. Completely different from De'vo's editing style.

Jeezz ! it kills me everytime I watch again ! too many many many stuffs !

Definatly place preorder !
Message: Posted by: sc_wizard29 (Sep 8, 2004 02:52AM)
[quote]There are loads of posts here where Phantom agrees with people

Yeah that's right, but he ONLY agrees when someone says good thing about HL products.

On the other side, he ALWAYS disagrees when someone says good things about other products.
Message: Posted by: sc_wizard29 (Sep 8, 2004 04:48AM)
> I did hear that them Internet Web Cam Girls are easy
> to please

Of course you heard that : that's what you do everyday remember ?

(by the way : smile at them the next time you see them, maybe you'll get a discount ;)
Message: Posted by: sc_wizard29 (Sep 8, 2004 06:25AM)
I don't think smiling during your performances sounds "cheesy".

Most performers I've seen smile during their act (I'm speaking about manipulation acts) : this shows that they like what they're doing and it's a way to transmit this feeling to your audience.

One day, a FISM winner told me that EVEN if your audience doesn't like what you're doing, it's better to smile anyway.

So.... personnally, I prefer to smile :)
Message: Posted by: phantomace (Sep 8, 2004 06:05PM)
I love the blindfolded armspread part of the promo. So cool and fluid.

I also love all those crazy backgrounds. I heard the whole DVD is like this! :wow: man, that must of been a boat load of work to make/create all those backgrounds! The man's a genious!

Message: Posted by: fingerjack (Sep 8, 2004 08:29PM)
For the record, I was banned by Lars at Superhandz over a year ago for wondering why there was so much animosity towards magicians (loser magicians, fake posers, and other degrading names I canít repeat) when moves like the flipback vanish is a magical effect no matter how you cut it, and to top it off, is now teamed up with the most magic friendly website in the world. Seemed like a valid question, but I was banned for asking (without ever receiving an answer, and to be honest, I didnít lose much sleep over it although I love Deívo and Jerryís work and was sad my questions warranted banishment). Last I heard the topics at that forum were how to get your girlfriendís parents to like you and death threats towards twelve year olds that said Superhandz stinks. Just the type of knowledge I am seeking.

I have conversed with Jerry on several occasions (who does have a sense of humor,) and have the utmost respect for him and Devoís work and talent, but that doesnít mean I am going to condemn everybody with sponge balls and linking rings that bring joy and wonder to children, the elderly, and the handicapped (where I devote most of my time).

Iím sure Jerry must be thrilled you just gypped him out of 70 bucks as I was about to pre-order two of his new discs as I am a fan just like the rest of you (obviously, you have no insight to when someone is simply making jest out of admiration). And by the way, please tell me how you plan to stop a friend from ordering it for me? Is it really worth your trouble to track down my friends and family to stop me from rightfully ordering a product that is open to the public.?

Making fun of the flourish kings? I am in awe of Jerry and Deívo like the rest of you and have supported them since day one, even linking them to my website and spreading the word about their site and products. I at one point attempted my best to share my own flourish knowledge (in which I am no slouch) with the members and received positive feedback from both Deívo and Jerry. In fact, I would go as far to say that I have done more good for them with good intent than you have, because the truth is you give them a bad name, and I canít imagine talented, good natured people like them being thrilled about being represented in the Magic Cafť by you, who speaks to everyone in a condescending tone if they donít share your point of view. even more, just deleting this whole, worthless post, because thatís what it is.

To Deívo and Jerry, and my old friends at Superhandz. This is nothing against you. In fact, I still have the highest respect and admiration for you, itís the few that that take it upon themselves to set a bad name for you, cost you sales, and frustrate the members of the Cafť for no reason. I will continue to support Superhandz and Jerry the Flourishman in my own lectures and writings.

I wish for nothing more than peace between magicians and flourishers because there IS a happy medium, but when everyone is so gung ho about trashing everything about everybody they donít like, it is indeed a sad, sad, sad, sad, world. I would gladly make peace with all that say otherwise but I think their horse is far too high for them to ever come down from, and that is a dirty, rotten shame, and I know I speak for others which you have insulted, intimidated, and degraded for no reason. .

Now where is a moderator to delete this entire topic? Hats off and mein beileid to Deívo and Jerry and all my old friends at Superhandz. Iím still with you and can flourish with the best of them and most of all, garner something sadly lacking these dayÖ..respect, which I humbly offer despite the actions of a certain few.
Message: Posted by: phantomace (Sep 8, 2004 11:36PM)
The DVD is supposed to ship this weekend or on Monday if you already pre-ordered. I can't wait for this one!

Message: Posted by: HuronLow (Sep 9, 2004 01:06AM)
Wow... Fingerjacks, that was the best post I have ever read. I'm very impressed. Thank you for trying to simmer down heated arguments that are always present. I think that post should be left there for everyone to read, because nobody could have put it in better words. Kudos to you man.

Anyway, Jerry's promo video did kick butt! The fan and deck twirls are just too smooth. I've never seen such a graceful spring as well. When most people spring it's like they are mutilating the cards, but Jerry simply left me in awe. I can't wait for the DVDs to be out. They are going to be awesome!

Message: Posted by: phantomace (Sep 9, 2004 08:10AM)
I agree that Jerry's promo was the heat! I've watched it 50 times and am off to do one more.

Can't wait to get it!