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Topic: Dove cage to girl..
Message: Posted by: Steven Fox (Sep 1, 2004 02:46PM)
You cover your cage with about 3 or 4 birds in it, but when you lift up the cloth, there is a girl standing there, NO CAGE..

I'm really interested in doing this one, does any body know the name of the illusion, where I can get it, or any imput on it?
Message: Posted by: benscholz99 (Sep 1, 2004 03:43PM)
Greg Frewin did a version on world's greatest magic. He used a Proline or Nielson vanishing cage. He somehow brought it foward and then produced the girl.

Message: Posted by: Alex Tan (Sep 1, 2004 04:08PM)
I don't think Greg used a Proline or Nielson vanishing cage, it should have been custom built.
Message: Posted by: sperris (Sep 1, 2004 05:21PM)
You're right, he didn't. I believe he built it himself. The cage to girl illusion is the Gemini Cage, I'm no sure if it is still built. It is a pain for the girl to have to be there the whole time so rarely is it used as a cage sitting there the whole show. Every time I've seen someone use it the cage is wheeled out towards the end with the doves in it. It works similar to a blamo box/doves to bunny. I think Joe Yu has one, he's on the Café every once in awhile.

Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Sep 1, 2004 08:22PM)
Absolutely, Greg has built 99% of his own equipment. That cage and whole sequence was his own idea and make.

And Dan is correct, it is a pain for the girl. Rick Thomas still does this but he rolls the cage out during the act so the girl is not loaded as long.
Message: Posted by: RVH Magic (Sep 2, 2004 08:05AM)

The cage to girl (gemini cage) works like the vanishing dove cage (only bigger & with an add on)

Frewins version is his own fabrication (from an idee suggested by Eric Magoo)
Message: Posted by: ARNOMAGIE (Sep 2, 2004 10:55AM)
The Gemini cage (performed by Rick Thomas, Lance Burton in his TV show, Philippart) is build by Creative Illusions from Las Vegas. Created by Ken Whitaker. He passed few years ago, so I don't know if Creative illusions still exists.
It's a fantastic effect but as I know with some angle problems and maybe some pain for the girl if she's not a contortionist!
The Greg Frewin final effect belongs to him and everyone would do it would do a rip off.

Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Sep 2, 2004 09:40PM)
I agree that Greg's is his and should be left alone.
Message: Posted by: Carron (Sep 3, 2004 10:17AM)
I saw an effect similar to this performed by Raphael where the assistant appears wearing a white feather leotard

Message: Posted by: RVH Magic (Sep 3, 2004 10:51AM)
As far as I know there are 3 authorized versions of this effect (dove cage to girl)
1.) The gemini cage invented by Ken Whitaker & sold by creative illusions
2.) The version of Greg Frewin - not for sale
3.) The version by Rafael (which is a growing cage of doves to a girl) - not for sale
All 3 performers came up with their version independently.
Other versions are a duck to a girl (blammo box as performed by Ed Alonzo) & a version of the palaquin illusion (doves to girl in a big cabinet)
Message: Posted by: Steven Fox (Sep 3, 2004 02:37PM)
I really like this illusion because its very different, most dove workers end their routines with the vanishing cage, this is a transformation. Knowing the basic principal, the variations can ben endless. But I cant find the cage anywhere. Creative illusions does'nt have a web page, so I'm thinking about building one my self.. but I shure gonna need some help, If you guys can give me any suggestions please send them to: foxestudios@yahoo.com

Please note that I'm asking for suggestions because their is no dealer for this product, (other wise I would buy it) I respect the Café rules very much, so that's why I'm making this statement clear.
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Sep 3, 2004 09:26PM)
You might want to contact Bill Smith in Las Vegas and see what the situtation is on the rights, etc.

If there is no problem with right, I am sure Bill could build one. If not Bill can probably direct you to the right person. Bill is a good guy and a straight shooter that I cannot recommend high enough.
Message: Posted by: RVH Magic (Sep 4, 2004 01:36PM)
I don't think it is a good idee to build this illusion yourself - respect the creators!
I think you can find one for sale at :
Message: Posted by: Rupert Bair (Sep 4, 2004 01:45PM)
Like Pete Biro says
Their is nothing new in magic just magicians.
I have books with same principals for vanishing cages from many many years ago. Also were do you think dealers get a lot of their new stuff from? A lot of it is from magazines.
Message: Posted by: Darcy (Sep 4, 2004 05:12PM)
If I remember correctly does John Shyrock not perform this effect? I saw him do it a few years ago so Im not to sure if he still performs it.

Message: Posted by: benscholz99 (Sep 4, 2004 06:07PM)
Get the blammo box from CHalet magic or http://www.Dennymagic.com
Message: Posted by: Steven Fox (Sep 4, 2004 11:51PM)
Thanks for all of your opinions on this matter, But now I would like to point out a few things:

1- I already have 2 vanishing cages (each one has different system), a Blammo Box and a Blammo Cage (looks like a fire cage but works like a blammo box). So thanks for suggesting these illusion, but I'm looking for a Transformation Cage. Not Box.

2- Joe you shows pictures of his Gemini Cage on his site for visitors to know what kind of magic he performs, he isn't selling it.

3- el Rafael wrote: I don't think it is a good idea to build this illusion yourself - respect the creators!

To which I answer: I'm not planning on steeling anybodies illusion.

Before Greg, somebody had performed it, maybe not the same method but the same illusion, then Ken Whitaker, then Rafael, and I'm sure there are more cages floating around somewhere created by other magicians who said "hey I think I can make my dovecage turn into a Girl". The point is, Not because I'm planning on building one, it means I'm going to use somebody's exact method.

I'll take suggestions, put together a few ideas and INVENT MY OWN.

I ask you This ¿How many versions of the levitation exist? more than a dozen, and there will be more as long as something is different about them.

Back to the subject, thanks Richard Hughes for suggesting Bill Smith, I think I'll contact him and then evaluate if having it built is a smarter choice then builting it myself.

Sorry if I had Spelling errors, but I'm from Central America, don't practice my English too often.
Message: Posted by: Alex Tan (Sep 5, 2004 02:50AM)
Yes, Joe Yu does want to sell it from what I last heard from him.

He is on the Café too, maybe you would like to PM him.
Message: Posted by: Steven Fox (Sep 5, 2004 03:22AM)
Can somebody tell me his username?
Message: Posted by: Alex Tan (Sep 5, 2004 04:08AM)
Joe Yu
Message: Posted by: sperris (Sep 5, 2004 01:46PM)
Michael Bairfoot has one for sale here in the USA, his web site and contact info are at:

Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Sep 6, 2004 06:50AM)
Dan the link does not work.

I'll check in the office I might have his contact info on file.
Message: Posted by: sperris (Sep 6, 2004 06:52PM)
Try this: http://www.magicidol.com, that's his website
Message: Posted by: magicsiow (Oct 6, 2004 06:12AM)
The Greg Frewin final effect belongs to him and everyone would do it would do a rip off.

This is an illusion had done by 100++ years ago, China illusionist who appear one or two children or lady please refer to an old oriental book. But I can say that Greg Frewin is a great illusionist who can combine creative illusion invention and old timer illsion. Great!
Message: Posted by: Vibono Magic (Oct 6, 2004 06:47AM)
If I'm not mistaken the b******d ex magician ( now condemed to burn ) Valentino did this effect on a TV show/series some years before he became the masked so called magician.
Message: Posted by: MDS (Oct 6, 2004 10:27PM)
This is a great effect but, I agree that it would be a rip off if someone tried to copy the Frewin version. I will say that Greg is a friend of mine and his version is done completely different than any of the other methods out there.

Matthew David Stanley
Message: Posted by: John T. Sheets (Oct 7, 2004 12:28AM)
I have a "Gemini Cage". It's the same one that Lance Burton, & Rick Thomas use. It was built by Paul Haines & Ken Whitaker, Creative illusions in Las Vegas. It's A very nice unit. I don't think it's being made anymore. The amount of fine machining that went into this is amazing! I think Owens might have some sort of a dove cage/girl effect. I'm not sure.
Message: Posted by: MDS (Oct 9, 2004 02:38AM)
I really think that the effect is lost at least if the angle is not dead on because it is such a deep cage. But from dead on it looks great.