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Topic: Regurgitator Stevey Starr
Message: Posted by: Priest (Aug 15, 2002 12:16PM)
I just saw Stevey Starr again on Jay Leno last night. Is this guy for real?

I've seen him on tv for several years swallowing objects - light bulbs, fish, locks, everything, and then he regurgitates it in some unique fashion. Like he'll swallow a lock, then swallow the key, and then he says that he uses his muscles to unlock the lock, and then stick the key on the lock, and lock it back. Then he regurgitates it back up and there it is. Just like he said.

Last night he swallow a fish, a small container for a roll of fim, and the lid to the container. Then, he regurgitated it all back up with the lid ON the container and the fish INSIDE the container. Wow!

As magicians, we do things that seem impossible to most people, but we know how to make them possible. This guy, however, seems to be doing things that are beyond impossible. Can someone really have that type of control with their insides?

I'm just blown away. Amazed and freaked out at the same time.

Message: Posted by: christopher carter (Aug 15, 2002 02:35PM)
I've seen his show a couple times, and it's very impressive. Some of it is certainly pure regurgitation. Other bits appear to include elements of illusion or sleight of hand. However, I am saying that mostly because I can't figure it out. It's kind of like when magicians suspect a mentalist is just using stooges--most often that happens because the magician has been badly fooled. His act is tremendous, and the parts that seem like they would just HAVE to include sleight of hand, well, they've got me stumped!

--Christopher Carter
Message: Posted by: jecar (Aug 15, 2002 03:08PM)
The guy has a very good and unique act. I have no idea how he does it, other than he does it well.

Jerry Cargile
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Aug 15, 2002 07:24PM)
http://www.ukstars.co.uk/starr.htm :imsick:

Here you can go find out moe about your favorite vomidigitator(yes, I just made the word up :rolleyes: )