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Topic: Your own magic secret? share it!
Message: Posted by: Roodsnavel (Sep 12, 2004 07:24AM)
Do you know this?
sometimes you got an idea for your show and you don't tell it to others.
This topic is dealing with revealing your brilliant idea's
(we don't must have the pretention that we can invent a new magic effect or trick)

Here is my kick off:

I was thinking about the fact that, at the end of my balloonsessions, I got so much black 260q balloons in my bag. I got the idea to make, at home, 2 tubes from two white A4 paper sheets. In my show when I need a magic wand, I blow up a black balloon and slide the two white tubes on the balloon. Result: a long black woblly wand.

What are your ideas, please share! make this topic a very rich and motivating one.