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Topic: Sugestion for the management of posts
Message: Posted by: Nachtzehrer (Sep 17, 2004 12:11AM)
I have a sugestion I think to improve a bit of the management of the posts.
for example, I've been reading the entire mentalism section and for me to jump to page 45 for example I dad to keep cliking on next lots of times. for multiple pages don't you think it would be useful to have a quick jump ta any number page, like a drop box where you could select the page number you want to go.

Another thing. I think a option to mark all the postings as read on leaving a main topic,like for example, I'm loged in and there are some new posts on card magic, I check and out of all the new posts only one interest me, so I read that one and I would like to be able to mark the other as read, so when I come back, it it indicates new posts it's really new posts and not the ones I haven'r read cause I had no interest on it.

Just an idea
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Sep 17, 2004 06:24AM)
Look here. The topic is already being discussed.