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Topic: Flourish Combination
Message: Posted by: dynamiteassasin (Sep 17, 2004 08:52PM)
Hi guys! I want to improve my flourish routine on cards.
I know the basics but I want to know more.
My Extreme Cuts with Keone is coming in a few days.

I'm planning to purchase Cradle to Grave and a Jeff McBride Art of Card Manipulation video but I don't know which volume has helpful flourishes (1, 2 or 3?)

What would be a great flourish video combination?
Cradle To Grave by Devo and what volume of the Jeff McBride Art of Card Manipulation set?
Message: Posted by: in flames (Sep 18, 2004 09:23AM)
Get McBrides set right away! That will keep you busy for a long time.
Message: Posted by: Stimuli (Sep 18, 2004 01:07PM)
Are you into card "manipulation" or, card "flourishes. Whichever your into I tink you wasterd your money on Keone's DVD and if I were you when I recieved it I wouldn't open it and see if you can get a refund for it. If your into card manipulation, like card productions and things of that nature I'd go for McBride's dvd I've got them and if you into that I'm sure you'd like them but if you into actual Flourishes De'vo's CTG dvd is the way to go and for my money Jerry Cestkowski's Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes is the greatest thing in the world. That Keone dvd called xtreme cuts has nothing but mundane, unspectacular material, the things on the DVD are taught well but none of the material I think is really worth wasting the time to learn. If you want a good cut dvd I'd wait for the Buck Twin's dvd to be released probably sometime next month, but I seriously would advise not opening and see about returning that Keone dvd.
Message: Posted by: in flames (Sep 18, 2004 01:48PM)
I agree withe Stimuli about Keone's DVD. McBride's DVD's do have flourishes as well. If you want to wait a little more, for me, the Buck Twins are the way to go. Jerry's book is covers a hell of a lot. I would definatey pick it up if you got the dough.
Message: Posted by: Clarence (Sep 18, 2004 05:01PM)
McBride's AOCM DVD is one of the few sets that I own and love when I first started in the past.

There are some quality flourishes in the 3 volume set. Definitely worth buying. Training on the productions will always help you gain finger strength and dexterity.

It is a long road and you have to be consistant or you will lose "it". Be prepared for hours and hours of finger pains and back-aches.
Message: Posted by: Venomal (Sep 18, 2004 08:30PM)
Soon the DVD to get is the Cobra Collection dvd. The progress on the dvd is finishing up. This will prolly be the DVD to add to your dvd flourish shelf.

The McBride dvds, you should get all of them as a set. the 2nd DVD is mostly productions and how to prepare the deck. But you absolutely should acquire the set.

Message: Posted by: dynamiteassasin (Sep 19, 2004 04:22AM)
Hi guys, I personally traded with Keone himself. He made me an offer here in the Café.. Anyway, I didn't purchase it. He traded his signed dvd for my Yves Ripped & Restored vhs. I couldn't refuse an offer like that..
anyway, CTG is #1 in my list. I'm having hesitation with the Buck Twins video.
Which volume of McBride tapes has the most flourishes in it? 1, 2 or 3? I'm interested in cuts...
Message: Posted by: superhiro (Sep 19, 2004 06:33AM)
All I can say is that volume 2 of Jeff McBride has 0 cuts, zero. That's the only volume I have but it has great stuff on fans.

Message: Posted by: Burns (Sep 19, 2004 08:11AM)
Kenoes DVD is great for beginners
Message: Posted by: Stimuli (Sep 19, 2004 10:49AM)
If you want a cut DVD McBride is not the way to go. I'm glad to hear you didn't spend a penny on that Keone DVD (unfortunately I did). The only cut sequence on CTG is the actual Cradle to Grave routine itself. Jerry Cestkowski's Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes has 4 chapters on cuts and a bunch of other things that make it the #1 item I've ever purchased on flourishes. The new buck twins dvd is all cuts but it's not out yet and with all the delays with the printers who knows when it will be available for purchase. Or you could always go with Tudors Showoff 2 for a start it's a nice video with some good Sybil work and 1 handed cuts, it's nothing new but like a year ago when I first came across it it gave my fingers a work out and I still use the WTHHTS 2 cut to this day.