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Topic: Wiregram - Routine
Message: Posted by: paulajayne (Sep 22, 2004 04:16AM)
Wiregram is nice but needed a routine - here is one I use.

Please attribute to me if asked.


Deck of cards
Small extendable radio ariel (Tandy / radio shack)

The card is forced and the spectator is given the deck to put it back and shuffle it.

I talk about the power of the mind at that everyone has certain skills but may require help.

The deck it taken back and the wiregram is wrapped around it but leave 2" sticking up like a receiver ariel. Place it on the table.

I extend the small radio ariel and get the person who selected the card to hold it out in front of them - they are then told to concentrate on their card.

After a bit of byplay the deck is picked up and I tell them that they have made their card rise to the top of the deck.

The wiregram is removed and casually thrown on to the table and the top card turned over - If by chance the top card is theirs - Take your bow.

If not I tell them maybe they sent it to the bottom - reveal bottom card. If theirs - Take a bow -

There is a 26 to 1 chance of this so it will happen.

If not on top or bottom I tell them that sometimes the signal from them gets stuck in the receiver end - I then go into the heat the wiregram bit.


Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Oct 4, 2004 06:31PM)
An old favorite anytime we mentioned "wiring" was to also produce a bouquet of spring flowers that someone "wired" you. (The prediction was also attached!)

A pack of spring flowers can easily be concealed by a deck of cards.


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