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Topic: New to mentalism
Message: Posted by: what the...? (Sep 22, 2004 03:24PM)
I have never really performed mentalism, I guess because the stuff I had seen had been pretty lame. But after seeing, and hearing of some cool stuff, I would like to learn it. What would be a good learning source for someone not wanting to spend a lot of money. Where should I start?

Message: Posted by: Greg Arce (Sep 22, 2004 03:59PM)
The simple, but yet effective answer: Buy 13 Steps by Corinda... read it then read it again, get some coffee, sleep some, then read it a dozen more times.

Message: Posted by: procyonrising (Sep 22, 2004 03:59PM)
You can start by reading all the posts in this section of The Magic Café. Pay special attention to the ones that begin with the same question as yours...
Message: Posted by: Blackwood (Sep 22, 2004 04:01PM)
The classic advice is:

If you can only spent $10 or so, get Annemann's Practical Mental Effects book.

If you can spend another $25 or so, add Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism book.

If you could spend about $100 in all, I'd suggest also getting one DVD each of Osterlind's Mind Mysteries and Banachek's PSI series (but be warned, you'll want all the other DVDs of both series.)

You'll see lots of great effects that are anything but lame.
Message: Posted by: scott b. (Sep 22, 2004 06:13PM)
This is the question where it is good to jump on the bandwagon - 13 Steps To Mentalism By Tony Corinda
Message: Posted by: Osiris (Sep 23, 2004 09:37AM)
Go to OnLine-VISIONS and read everything I've written over the past few years... (Craig Browning's Psychic Perspectives)... You can also check out some of what's been shared at TOP HAT Ezine in the UK (via the Magic Bunny Forum).
Message: Posted by: Roth (Sep 23, 2004 09:43PM)
Another vote for Annemans Practical Mental Effects.
Message: Posted by: salsa_dancer (Sep 23, 2004 09:56PM)
Get acting classes and balls of steel.
Message: Posted by: weepinwil (Sep 23, 2004 10:32PM)
I can appreciate the mentalist's acting ability. I was not interested in mentalism either until I discovered the effects become miraculous commensurate to the acting ability of the mentalist. Much different than regular magic effects. Difficulty is finding what works for you.
Message: Posted by: Greg Arce (Sep 24, 2004 02:39PM)
On 2004-09-23 22:56, salsa_dancer wrote:
Get acting classes and balls of steel.


If you get the "balls of steel" at Penquin's there's no charge for shipping.
Message: Posted by: treysdaddy (Sep 24, 2004 05:20PM)
Be wary of knock off "balls of steel" They'll fail on you. As always, make sure yours come from the originator.

Seriously, Corinda and Annemann texts are the foundation.
Message: Posted by: salsa_dancer (Sep 24, 2004 05:32PM)
I found it is more worthwhile if you make your own.
Message: Posted by: gareth123 (Sep 24, 2004 05:38PM)
Cant go wrong with 13 steps my friend
Message: Posted by: what the...? (Sep 27, 2004 12:22PM)
It seems to me that the effect is nothing, it is your manner that has to make the trick. I had feed back from matrix poker, that it was lame. I just took it back out after not using it for many months, and had someone say it's the best one they've seen me do. I changed a little bit though. I'll pick up 13 steps this weekend, and maybe a video or two, thanks.

Message: Posted by: Hypnotic Winter (Sep 27, 2004 01:16PM)
What the...? don't be put off by the book seeming a bit dated, presentation can make the effects in it wonderful.
I have 3 favourites out of it I use.

Message: Posted by: Jordan Waller (Sep 27, 2004 01:46PM)
I agree 13 steps is realy what got me properly started though I did experiment with my own effects and creations before I bought the book. I did this for a while and I think it helped me a lot as I developed my way of performing, which I don't claim to be original just that I feel best in this way. I then bought 13 steps after a long time of saving. I'm realy bad with money and saving...:-(
Message: Posted by: what the...? (Sep 27, 2004 02:44PM)
I'm not worried about how dated it is, as long as it has good stuff. I have seen quite a few people come to the shop and buy Theater oof the mind, how is that? I'll pick up a copy of 13 steps when I go to the shop this weekend.


I was just on Banacheck's site, now I'm interested. I'm getting a DVD this weekend.

Message: Posted by: bluefred (Sep 28, 2004 02:24AM)
I relly like the fourth dvd of banacheck, the dvds of osterlind are great too and the max maven.but for the price whi you don't get some of the books mentioned here? are more cheap and you get more effects
Message: Posted by: oxygen (Sep 28, 2004 03:31AM)
I have seen quite a few people come to the shop and buy Theater oof the mind, how is that?

It's a great book, mixing mental magic and mentalism.
It has many powerfull routines in it, and the methods are really well described and taught.
But read 13 steps first to learn the basis and then you'll feel more confortable with a book like TOTM.
Message: Posted by: Matt Andrews (Sep 30, 2004 05:30AM)
Although I started reading Corinda, the biggest kick for me came after watching Richard Osterlind's Mind Mysteries vol. 1.

Afterwards the contents of the 13 steps made much more sense to me.

And although Banachek PSI Series is brilliant and should belong to your collection, get Mind Mysteries before (and if you are really short, get the vol.1 first).